Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Subjecting teh internets to a re-telling of what you dreamt last night is a blogging kiss-o-death. This is what I have been told and I believe it, I do. Therefore, I won't regale you with the dreadful details of the dream, but I will say that the upshot was that I was given a baby boy. I DID share the particulars with Dadguy who hooted and started accusing me of being baby hungry.

Not really. But I am pretty giddy about the idea of someone (especially a family member) just handing me a four day old sweet and healthy boy because HELLO, no pregnancy! So the kid was the size of a yam, kids grow ya know?

On the way to the bank this morning, Birdie started sharing about her dream from last night... it involved an evil sorcerer and Birdie-as-a-pony-who-was-a-princess and her Crown of Power. At least it sounded like Crown of Power was capitalized. LaLa shared her dream about the monster behind the white door that tried to GET her! I thought it only fair to share a bit of my dream.

The girls were ecstatic. They began thinking of names, and Birdie thought that Ashlynn would make a great name for their new baby brother. She didn't miss a beat when I informed her that Ashlynn was a girl's name, and decided that Ashton would work great as well. Both girls informed Pearl, at loud volumes, how much fun she would have with her very own baby brother to play with, and assured her that they would play and play ALL THE TIME! Then Birdie wanted to know who was going to babysit them while I went to the hospital. That was when I had to remind them that this was just a dream... not sure they believed me.


Last night while cooking dinner I was accosted by two little girls wearing their father's black Sunday socks on their hands and arms. As they were hissing at me I assumed they were snakes. Not such a far leap since I will occasionally pull a sock on my hand and chase the girls around hissing and trying to bite them with my "snake."

This was not the case.

"We are the evil NINJAS!" Shouted the larger one. "We will fight you and make you CRY!"

"CWY!" echo's the smaller ninja as she begans to pinwheel her black "ninja arms."

"Well I'm the rotten Ninja Mama!" I hollered back. "We will all fight and take over the WORLD!"

"Noooooo! You not a INJA MAMA!" yellsed the littlest ninja, "WE da INJA!"

I'm pretty sure that was when they went into matching "Trinity" style leaps, and the room spun on it's axis around them. Much karate kicking and air punching ensued, then we set the table and sat down for dinner.

Most of all of that really happened. Good times I tell ya, good times.


Anonymous said...

loved it, sis! I always love yer blogs!
happy thanksgiving, tamy

Fantastagirl said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

- I like dreams like that - no pregnancy - that would be awesome!

elizasmom said...

Oooh. A baby without pregnancy - that sounds good indeed.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Injas!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

youse all had those freaky dreams? On the same night?

What on earth did you eat for dinner?

bon said...

Ahhh Dread... that's standard nighttime fare around this household! As far as I can tell Dadguy don't do no dreaming of his own, I suspect that us girlee's hijack his REM and use it to amp up our own freeekay dreaming.

sari said...

One of the best things about having children, is that you can still be goofy and play.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mama D said...

I'm the crazy dreamer around here. I wonder if A will be too!

See ya later Inja Mama!

Anonymous said...

Haa Haa Haa!!! Any announcements you need to make???

sarah k. said...

I'm glad you were spared the pregnancy part in the dream. Pregnancy dreams are like those dreams where you get sent back to the mission for ever, even though you have kids, husand, all that.

So how does wearing socks on your hands make you a ninja? And how do all children have this convergent evolution? When I figure out how to put a link in a comment, I'll send you the two ninja videos my boys like best from youtube. The cavorting around the room, summersaults, karate, yeah, that all happens here too. Especially with the right tunes.