Friday, November 17, 2006


Midmonth blogging lethargy setting in... moving slowwwwwww. Can't think, nothing to say. Yeaaargh!

Well, I guess this sucker ain't gonna write itself, so here goes...

Dadguy and I are teaching the girls how to pray, specifically how to pray from the heart. There are a few basic guidelines... like a formal greeting and closure for the prayer. We like to tell our Heavenly Father what we are thankful for first, requests later. Birdie is at the point where she "gets" the request part now...LaLa, she is just grateful. She is grateful in this order.

"Deah Hebbinly Paddah,
gweat a be
great a hoah-shieth (horsies)
great a ponieth inna meadow
gweat a daddy come home
gweat a mama
gweat a Birdie, anna Pearl-mooah
gweat a food to eat
(pause followed by Dadguy or I interjecting a whispered "in the name of...")

Jethuth Chwith-t.. AMEN!



Fantastagirl said...

I love how you type in kid speak - it's so cute.

or is it really sad that I can totally understand what she is saying?

elizasmom said...

Oh my - that is so sweet-funny-awesome that I might not be able to stand it! I love her list of what she is grateful for — and the order in which she says it. I think it's so wonderful that you are teaching them to pray like this, to look at both sides of the coin, and count their blessings, literally, before their wants. That is a mindset that will serve them so well.

sari said...

That is cute! and funny!

I like listening to my kids pray, they sound so cute.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

dear lord, gweat are bon-bon's posts, I cannot keep up with them.

In Jeebus Cwitht name, awwmen!