Monday, November 27, 2006


This is what I, the bon mama would like for Christmas. Pictures are mostly to give an
idea of what I would like...

Except for the ChanelNo.5, it must be Chanel and it must be No.5. I am good with a bottle or a set or whatever. I'm not even too picky if it is the eau de parfume, parfume, or eau de toilette... just Chanel No.5.

Dadguy has sworn on his monthly dues in "World of Guildcraft Hammers" that he will supply this goody.

I would like a nice pair of gloves. I am leaning toward dead animal skin gloves of one type or another.... with or with out tasteful embellishment.

I could go for fabric or knit of some sort... just they would need to be fingerless, for driving. I wear size large or XL .

I would love to have a dressy scarf, silk or otherwise. I fell in love with this one at Lane Bryant, but I think red is lovely too.

I'd like a durable Advent Calender... something that will withstand the love of my three lovely Crash Girls.

I like warm, soft socks. Apparently I have Cankles, so nothing too tight.

I like pretty smelling lotions.

If y'all are feeling posh? You could run down and pick me up a GPS, or a Nintendo Wii.

What do you want for Christmas? No fair with the "world peace" stuff.


CTG said...

For christmas I want a pair of jammies that successfully bridges the gap between warm/comfy and sexy. So far no luck on my search for THAT!!!

(ended up here via NaBloPoMo randomizer!)

Anonymous said...

On my list that I might get:

- Knitting looms.
- A bamboo arrangement for our slightly-Asian themed bedroom.
- Nylon mesh jogging pants (although I never jog.
- Gift cards to just about anywhere.

On my list that I won't get:

- A laptop computer.
- Enough spare cash to pay the property taxes on our vehicles.
- Or maybe just an end to property taxes all together...or is that too much like wishing for world peace?

bon said...

Yeah, YEAH! I want some too! Sexy yet comfy jammies and a laptop to blog in whilst wearing them... driving my husband crazy all the while! WOOT!

Mama D said...


I would like Felicity Season 1

I would like Mat Perfume by Matsushima

I would like the Stellastarr CD

sari said...

1. A new laptop that's mine.
2. Flowerbomb perfume.
3. New, warm socks that don't cut off the circulation in my legs.
4. A pearl blue gameboy. I traded mine in last year to get a DS for my boy and I miss my blue one. I have red right now, and I know that's picky of me. But you asked.

That's the selfish, ain't gonna happen list. Well, maybe the perfume. And socks. hee hee

elizasmom said...

Hey, I wanna laptop too! A pretty shiny metal Apple one. And an iPOD.

But I'll settle for some new exercise clothes and a deep fryer, and I bet you can see how the one influences the other, there!

Love your perfume request. I think you're being admirably flexible, there ;-)

Tug said...

Over from Nobody's, & I must say "my, what large hands you have"... ;-)

Laptop seems to be a theme I won't break from since I'm working off Fred Flintstone's cast-off here at home.

Anonymous said...

You already know what I want since I did a similar post. But I'll say it again, Wii! I would buy one if only they were actually available.

bon said...

OH! A Wii! I want one too! You guys are to me what a Toys R Us Catalog is to my girls!

bon said...

Oh. HAHAHAHAHA! I already DID say Wii!