Monday, November 06, 2006


Heh... it's funny, Friday as I was typing up the very minimal text for my quilting post, I had in the back of my mind the work of my buddy who lives just down the street. Last year she completed the most amazing quilt evah! The top was pieced together deep colors of inch and a half squares that as you step back a yard or two becomes the image of the Savior. Around the border of this masterpiece are beaded grape vines and wheat, symbolizing the body and the blood, as well as embroidered scripture verses. Stunning. Just... stunning.

and she painted this sucker for me.

As it turns out, she has entered the blogosphere! We have talked about this, and now she has done it! Granted... she started TWO WEEKS ago, and has just barely let me know.... but better late than never. She homeschools, an activity that both horrifies and fascinates me. After talking with her about how it's working for their family, the horror level has gone down some.

Her name for the purposes of posting, is "Mom," and she is a funny, smart and talented lady... I highly recommend you go take a look-see. Welcome to Mom and Pop Home School!

Question... does anyone know how to turn off comments on an individual post in Blogger?


Anonymous said...

At the bottom of the post, when you are in the post editor, there should be a link called Post Options. Under there, it will give you the option to accept comments or not.

I'll go check out your friends' new blog. :)

bon said...

Blogarita, you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Bon, thanks for the write-up and link! Sorry it took me so long to let you know about it. It actually took me that long to work up the guts to tell anyone about it. You were actually one of the first people I told. :) I'm still feeling a little uncertain about this venture into the wide, wide world. All the feedback I've gotten so far has been very positive, but now that I know people are out there reading what I have to say, I feel like I have to say something Oh well, I'll get over feeling self-conscious soon enough. Thanks for the warm welcome.


The Daring One said...

I just had to tell you that Laylee spontaneously called Dan "Dad-Guy" today and I thought of you.

Mama D said...

I got here too late to give you the comment tip.