Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I snapped.

I cannot listen to any more of the kid playlist on my iPod. I just can't. My girls are getting used to sharing the ride with me... usually on the way to a place, I get my music, and they get theirs on the way back. Unless they don't say anything, then it's my tunes on the way back as well.

Birdie always wants to know the titles and artists who do the songs that she likes, and this afternoon she took a liking to a Foo Fighters song and asked to have it louder.

"Loud and loud, " she said

Halfway through the song she started talking, it was so loud I couldn't understand her but assumed she was asking the songs title so I turned the volume down and started to tell her the name of the song.

"NO! Mama, I was telling you that I had a dream that the Ninja Turtles were singing this song!"

"A dream?"

"Yes, the turtle with the blue ribbon on his head was singing and they all were dancing."

"Did you dream this last night?" I asked.

"No mama, I dreamed it right now and I can see them!"

This kinda stuff is a real kick in my pants, I love it! I am so enamored of my girls. I love these insights into the way their heads work and the ways they are developing. I am googly, head-over-heels with wanting to know every little thing about them, what they love, what makes them tick. As their mom I think that I have some special insights by simple virtue of having the most time invested and here's where it gets a little bit creepy for me...

MY mom? She likes to read a comic strip named "Agnes." She likes to read it expressly because the title character reminds her so much of me. I try not to get too wierded out by this... but I have started reading it too, and that girl is a freak! Like, waaay too smart and as socially off-kilter as a naked Scotsman. Sometimes insight is not all that it is cracked up to be.


Mama D said...

I could totally see Leonardo singing that song. Totally. Love the TMNT's!

Your girls are awesome. I hope I get to meet them some day.

You're not a freak. The comic is cute though.

elizasmom said...

Hee! I'm guessing from the recent picture of the pumpkin spice cake that at least in matters of baking, you are not like that comic strip character at ALL.

I don't know you IRL to know if your mom's right, but we moms do get a special insight into the workings of our kids' minds, don't we? That is one of my very favorite parts about this whole mothering gig.