Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Twenty One

Blogging is weird, no joke.

There are people who read my blog that I rarely, if ever hear back from. I'm not just talking about comments here... I am talking about friends, family, and even some strangers that are getting a solid dose of my daily life while I know little if any of theirs. You are aware of some of my intimate thoughts. Obviously I am ok with this... I keep blogging. But it is unnerving though.

I keep blogging, and sometime I'm not really sure why. A certain amount of exhibitionism that keeps me coming back for more? Exhibitionism that may or may not be healthy, yet I justify giving in to it, because it DOES keep me writing, and I see writing as a positive thing. Already I look back in my archives and say "Oh, yeah... I forgot that!" Already I can feel that my braincells are stronger and more connected from this exercise, and it is a legacy for my babies. Not just the physical (can a website be described as physical?)existence of this chronicle, but the fact that they have a mom who keeps herself sharp. They have a mom who WRITES!

I don't want to get all meta-pated about this, but it is weird. This weirdness has recently been ramped up by one of the comments I received on my last post. Not a huge deal, but it was a comment from one of the first bloggers I ever read. I met Mama D via a comment to one of her posts, and you know how I feel about Mama D (hug hug kiss kiss). I read this blogger back in the day when she was Very Mom, I waited with everyone while she had her hiatus, and was even surprisingly timely about updating my linky-dinky-doos when she switched to Kerflop. So it's kinda odd to me, that this person that I feel I "know" on a blogging level, who doesn't really "know" me.... dropped by and had herself a little read. I'm sure that she visited via the randomizer set up for NaBloPoMo and was cool enough to leave a comment. It's likely she will not be back as a regular participant in Crash Girl fun (but hey Jessica, if you are reading this, welcome back... would you care for an organic, no-sugar snack?) but still... how fun to have her drop by. And how odd.


Lynanne said...

Very few people who I know in RL read my blog so I'm probably not the best person to comment. The people that do read my blog are really close friends. It's a bit frustrating having conversations with them sometimes because they already know all my recent happenings/feelings, but I know very little of theirs. On the other hand, it does save me a lot of time explaining and I get a lot more time to listen (which I like to do better anyhow)

bon said...

I just got an email from my Uncle R in OK, and Holy COW! I had no idea he was one of my relative who reads this! Strange days indeed!

Fantastagirl said...

Very few people in my RL read my current blog, it's better that way - although I'm not as open as I once was...I wouldn't like knowing that family reads me and then doesn't say anything... would drive me up a wall.

Mama D said...

I have stupidly given my blog address out to many people that I know it RL. Most of the time no one mentions it and I forget that they even read it. Which is what I prefer.

Then there are those times when someone says "I read your blog." in this creepy way, or in a way that sounds WAY too excited.

Some RL friends have even called me 'Mama D' in person which always weirds me out.

And Wow! Jessica was here. That is super cool! (*Hey Jessica!*)

Oh, and hug hug kiss kiss to you too!

Anonymous said...

well I read your blog all the time I have not commented befor becouse I would rather talk via cell. I got a copy of R's email what do you know, he is getting very good.LOVE DAD

bon said...

Yeah... I wasn't really counting you, as I talk with y'all on a regular basis.
Hugs to ya pop!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

...I hope you know I blame YOU for starting me down this crazy blogging path, by the way.

yes, yes, and yes - I totally get what you mean. I gave my blog out to a friend yesterday. She said, "I never knew you blogged!" and I said (and I quote me), "tell no one."

I'm sure she was mystified, but it's PERSONAL, y'all!

...which is obviously why it's published for the whole frikin' world to read...