Sunday, May 31, 2009


"Mama, I am going to be really beautiful when I grow up, aren't I?" Birdie asks as she is brushing her hair for church.

"Ummm, well yeah. You are going to be beautiful." I say, because she will be.

"Most girls are beautiful, you know. Because they want to be, huh." She adds thoughtfully.

Oh baby, that's truer that you know. We are beautiful when we want to be.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I was talking today to one of the producers for a TV show about kids who swallow funky things, she was asking about "why did we do such and such," and "what was the timeline for..." and I was able to answer her questions coherently because I could just refer back to the bloggy and whup!  there it is.  No having to thump my noodle trying to come up with what I thought might have been going on at the time.

How sad that I have not been blogging worth a hoot lately.  Eeeesh.  What has disappeared into the morass of my mushy head and mushier memory?  

I repent here and now, I repent of blog-sloth.

So.... this coming Tuesday there will be a television crew out here to interview us and get some footage of Pearl for that TLC show about kids and the ghastly ways they age their parents by eating awful stuff.  A half a week away.  A time that is NOT GOOD to be caught up in the middle of a remodel;  and yet, here we are.  

What started out as Dadguy coming home one day and announcing that right now would be a really good time to upgrade and buy a new house, has turned into us deciding to stay put and save our money.  Only we were already replacing our floors in preparation to sell.  And now, for various reasons, our old bathroom vanities don't fit very well without investing more money to make them fit.  Only I don't want to invest more money in these vanities because I don't like them to start with, and the one in the girl's bath has water damage.  And getting all this stuff out of the bathrooms really showcases how badly they need some paint.  

Oh, it goes on and on.  All I can say is that it all made sense at the time.  And now I have a film crew coming in the middle of my chaos.   I could just DIE, and now, on top of it all I realize that I have been depriving y'all of some sweet, sweet home-improvement porn.

Er, am I the only one who gets a thrill to watch a room take on new prettiness?  

Wait till I tell the tale of a second hand pedestal sink for the kids bathroom, and a repurposed section of a high end modern vanity and a granite counter top for the master bath.  Green glass vessel sink.  Ooooooooo!

The kitchen floor is pretty much done.  Just tonight I finished sealing the grout, but the carpet still has to be restretched and secured.  We decided to move the book case/cabinet to the end of the hallway in the basement where it fits beautifully.  The thing just collected and clutter and was messing with my tile-floor-racetrack-curve-feng-shui.  Later when I get everything put back and prettied up I'll post some more shots.  But now it's late.  Sleep good.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Pic: Everything

The yard work has begun in earnest.

Henry in all his chubby glory.

Before pic: the floor in the kitchen and entryway. We are getting the linoleum ripped out and tile put in.

Birdie in her usual spot.

Pretty soon they will all weigh about the same. Like maybe next week.
(Plus, do you want this chair Lins?)

The book case that sucked down my life for about a week. Hello Ikea!

Did I promise you guys some pics?

Last week?

Here they are.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Creation comes with a price.  The cooler the creation, the steeper the price usually.  For the boys reading, y'all can just skip the following till ya hit the asterisks; is gryll talk.

I started my monthlies again today.  I think it's the solid foods that Henry started on about a month ago.  He's a big fan of the spoon, and his nummie intake must have dropped below the specified hormonal level... cuz umm, yeah.  

For some reason this surprised me.  The visit from Aunt Flo and all.  I knew it was coming eventually, but after my snip-snip I had just written off all things "procreation" except, umm.. for the recreational parts.  Belatedly, I am reminded that I will have this reminder until I hit the "change."  And while a bit of cramping and PMS is no great shakes when compared to the living hell of actually being pregs, it is still uncomfortable and inconvenient.   I still think that it is bizarre that over half the human race will not ever carry and bear a baby.

I think that it is due more to the PMS than impending Mothers Day, that I keep thinking  about all the things that I have done as a mother (sleep deprivation, privacy deprivation, clean-up on aisle 12, etc...) and all the things I cannot do anymore, at least for the time being.

So in case anyone was wondering... we are maxxed out over here in Chaos-land.  Four is for shore the magic number for me.  The number four and the number forty.  

Four kids.


I promise... I will post some pics in a few days.  Kids, new shelves, flowers WEEEEE!  Spring is really starting to pop 'round here.