Sunday, May 10, 2009


Creation comes with a price.  The cooler the creation, the steeper the price usually.  For the boys reading, y'all can just skip the following till ya hit the asterisks; is gryll talk.

I started my monthlies again today.  I think it's the solid foods that Henry started on about a month ago.  He's a big fan of the spoon, and his nummie intake must have dropped below the specified hormonal level... cuz umm, yeah.  

For some reason this surprised me.  The visit from Aunt Flo and all.  I knew it was coming eventually, but after my snip-snip I had just written off all things "procreation" except, umm.. for the recreational parts.  Belatedly, I am reminded that I will have this reminder until I hit the "change."  And while a bit of cramping and PMS is no great shakes when compared to the living hell of actually being pregs, it is still uncomfortable and inconvenient.   I still think that it is bizarre that over half the human race will not ever carry and bear a baby.

I think that it is due more to the PMS than impending Mothers Day, that I keep thinking  about all the things that I have done as a mother (sleep deprivation, privacy deprivation, clean-up on aisle 12, etc...) and all the things I cannot do anymore, at least for the time being.

So in case anyone was wondering... we are maxxed out over here in Chaos-land.  Four is for shore the magic number for me.  The number four and the number forty.  

Four kids.


I promise... I will post some pics in a few days.  Kids, new shelves, flowers WEEEEE!  Spring is really starting to pop 'round here.


Mama D said...

I SO know. I complained about this a while back and I've not been 'regular' which is worse because it's all like "HEY!! Here I am!" all out of the blue and throws me for a loop and I'm all like, "Am I feeling like crap because I'm sleep deprived and tired and stressed or because I'm suddenly having my period?" I think I can take out the or and but the "am" behind the "I" in that sentence.

You are seriously my hero over there doing the four kid thing because honestly... two is all I can do. Two is my magic number.


Becky..AMHW said...

Without fail, with all three of my kids, my period returned at about a month after I finished with the postpartum leaking. It didn't matter how much I was nursing.

Isn't it wonderful that we can decide our magic numbers?

And now I take hormones for menopause. I'm 34. Hormones. They work though. This makes me happy.

elizasmom said...

"I still think that it is bizarre that over half the human race will not ever carry and bear a baby."

Yes. So sorry about the PMS. I am pretty happy with the way the IUD takes care of that. Was talking about snips for myself last night but I must admit, the thought of Miss Flo returning to my life makes me think I'll stick w/the little paperclip in my innards for a while longer...

Meredith said...

Aunt Flo came to me the other day about a full month after I gave up breast feeding. I too had the snip snip so now I am all "what the hell?" but my mother told me that I should be glad to still get my period since menopause was no fun so I guess there is that? Yay?