Thursday, November 09, 2006


My darling Pearl had herself a birthday today... this "Mom" gig is really starting to zip along. Year one is down and a lifetime of cuteness to come. She got some fun gifts... but I think her favorite was the bunch of helium balloons we got this morning.

I changed my mind about the blanket for her birthday... I thought this new one I made was too high-larious to let go of, so she got it instead of "plan A" quilt. The border is slinky and grassy and makes me laugh.

Birdie and LaLa helped me make this beauty... it is the "Ponies in the Meadow" cake. The "trees" are sprigs of rosemary, and those are actual edible flowers. Each girl got to claim a pony for their own when we cut the cake.

She said a new word... "wow!" She had just grabbed her first chunk of cake in her chubby little fist, her whole face just had this expression of awe, so I said "wow!" and she repeated it... several times. Then she dropped most of it and leaned over and said "uhhho!"

We were also privileged to have our dear Aunt T'Amy with us... she is my younger sister who lives on the East Coast. Flights are almost double the cost around Thanksgiving, so she's making the rounds now. When it comes to her nieces and nephews she feels it her calling... nay, duty! to teach kids the "seafood" shtick. You know the one I mean... SEE FOOD! With a gaping maw of half chewed food.

I plan on returning the favor once she starts having kids.

She also has the ever popular bit where she will flick water from her freshly washed hands upon a child while yelling "Ahhhh-CHOOOO!" It gets them every time.


Mama D said...


I can't believe she's one already. She looks SO grown up in that photo eating cake. I guess I haven't seen a picture of her in a while. The cake you guys made is lovely. I'm sure Pearl thought it was great!

Hope you are having a nice visit with your sister.

Anonymous said...

Cool Cake! I might steal the idea for Sparky's next birthday.

Happy Birthday Pearl!

elizasmom said...

That cake is so wonderful! I bet Birdie and LaLa were so proud to be able to help make it — and I can tell from the full-body eating experience you have documented here that all your efforts were much appreciated. Wow, indeed!

anne nahm said...

Everything looks so lovely! She will love seeing this when she is older. And the blanket is fabulous.

Fantastagirl said...

Happy Birthday Pearl - you are one beautiful little lady!

The cake is fantastic - you did awesome!

Mommygoth said...

Bon, that cake is totally amazing!