Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thirty... finally!

Last day of insanity... I am here to tell you that I am FOR SURE not a daily posting-type blogger. After the past thirty days, I'm not so very sure that posting ever again is for me, but I guess I kinda have to. To, y'know... have a blog. I think the only reason I completed the whole month is pure muleheadedness. I said I was gonna, by cracky!

I will take a couple of days off of posting and catch up on all of my correspondence... for some reason I seem to have only just so much stamina for writing. If I post? No emails. If I email? No post.

It all boils down to crappy typing skills.

We have put up our Christmas decorations. All except for the lighted ceramic Christmas Village that Dadguy and I love so much, and therefore don't feel bad that we will not be laying it about for the demolishment- I mean ENJOYMENT of the girls. Really, there is no place to put it. All full up, no room in the inn. It's time to get on the finishing of that basement. Except we won't be getting on anything till the start of next year. We also have not put out any lights on the house, although we have been promising our kids and ourselves that this would be the year. We bought the lights (not enough), and the spiffy plastic hanger doo-dads (not enough), borrowed a ladder (too short) and got out there only to realise that someone would have to actually get up on top of our roof... to hang those things, and the lights etc....

Ahem... acrophobia, two solid doses of it. The crap! Do I look like a monkey?

Don't answer that. No, really.... anyone makes any stupid monkey jokes in the comments and I'll be hitting delete button.

So we will be putting up lights if I can find some teenager willing to do it for a pittance. To be frank, the whole "light yer house" gig has lost it's luster for me. I'd much rather strap the girls into their car seats and drive around admiring the fruits of YOUR labors! Because, hey! Kids... strapped down! That's a basic ingredient for fun in my book!


Fantastagirl said...

We have lights, and they are up - but Mr. I refuses to get on the roof to hang up the ones that belong up there - something about breaking almost falling and breaking his neck.

Tree not up, inside not decorated - haven't even taken the kids christmas picture for the cards. I kinda want nothing to do with Christmas this year - stressed out already.

Anonymous said...

We've never put up lights outside. Spouse Guy does climb like a monkey (it's part of his job), but like you, we'd rather just enjoy everyone else's lights and not bother with our own.

We have the little tree up, and a few things set out. The big tree goes up this weekend and that will be that. I don't mind decorating. It's the undecorating I hate.

I'll miss your daily posts...but I understand not being able to keep up that pace.

Anonymous said...

I love decorating the house, but I hate the roof. I almost fell off a couple years ago. It's two stories down, onto concrete. Ouch. And I threw out the lights that go up there, every year half of them would die and I had to run and buy new ones. Maybe next year.

I do have my famous falling snowflakes up, but they aren't nearly as cool as they were at our old house where we had a ham radio tower that I hung them on.

Mama D said...

Peter promised me that when we cut down the cedars in front of our house that we could put up Christmas lights. (the trees would have been in the way and made it pointless) So this year I cheered him on as he carefully climbed up the ladder with his staple gun and a string of lights. Now my house is pree-tee!

Well, I thought you did a fabulous job of you thirty day gig. Even if it isn't your thing.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

I decorate the heck out of my house for Halloween. It's really very awesome.

Christmas rolls around and I don't do much more than put up a tree.

My neighbors expect some kind of holiday light show matching Halloween and I tell them that they are out of luck.

Besides, it's COLD.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

every frickin' day since the lights came up in town...
"mommy, let's go decowate our house."

Kids, we're going to Scotland. The main reason we're going to Scotland is so we don't HAVE to decowate our house.