Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Pic: Facepaint

Lazy summer days... a little bit o' decoration.

We accidentally left that Kiki (binky) of Pearls at Grandma's house yesterday. It has been almost 24 hours of no kikis. We've come this far. I think we will just be done.

Next Sunday Pic? I will take you on a tour of the basement progress. The week after that? We ought to be done.



Or maybe the week after that.

Or maybe next year sometime.


beth - total mom haircut said...

I don't know, I think the "kiki" goes quite well with the overall look!

elizasmom said...

Woah! In spite of the face paint and the Kiki (v. cute name), it's Pearl's eyes that are grabbing me in this picture. Does she always have that, I dunno, wise/old soul thing going on? I also think she looks the most like you of the three girls, at least based on the photo evidence.

bon said...

Yeah... she definately looks the most like me of all the girls, and both she and Birdie have that look; direct and beyond their years.

Fantastagirl said...

I was thinking the kiki added to the look as well. You have adorable girls, face paint or not.

Mama D said...

I can't believe how long Pearl's hair is! Trust the hairstylist to notice! They are as cute as ever.

Can't wait to see the basement!

jd said...

Thing 1 almost 5 can't get rid of kiki! Still sleeps with one. All younger kids still kiki lovers as well. I. HATE. THOSE. WEE. BITS.O. PLASTIC.