Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Why couldn't I stage a blog comeback when I have something coherent to say? Or something better than "blah blah blah, I feel sick," or "wah wah wah, I feel like crap." Gotta wonder about this kinda stuff.


Supple as a reed I will bend
the brittle disappointments
of day washed away.

May I gird myself up with
Thy kindness, and softness;
May I find no defenses
before Thy love and Thy Way.

Knee bent and willing
heart broken and whispered
"God grant me serenity,
courage and wisdom today."


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful :^)

Mama D said...

I'm glad to have you back no matter what you say. Of course I am doing a lot of waah waah! blah! blah! lately too so maybe I'm your target audience! :)

Thanks for those beautiful words. I really, REALLY needed them today.

elizasmom said...

But isn't that part of why we blog sometimes? So we can say wahwahwah and find other people out there to say, "I hear you, and I hope you feel better soon?"

Superwoman said...

That's about how I feel every day. Yeah, almost officially to the second trimester, I still don't feel any better though. I suppose that's a good sign for me but it still sucks. It's a good think the little kiddo's are worth it.

Jo said...

That poem is beautiful!