Thursday, June 05, 2008

I think we are a little overdue for some pictures. Especially after yesterday, when I Yapyapyapped my poor sister's ear off, with practically nothing nice to say about anyone or anything; I am muzzling my crabby-apple self.

Pretty flowers and the lawn's looking considerably better.

Iris and Pansy's making everything smell better and look brighter.

Cutest tushie evah!

I am having a bit of pregnancy fun this go-'round... a few days after seeing those two pink lines, I gave my doctor a call to set up my first pre-natal. Turns out he doesn't deliver babies anymore. Some crap about letting his obstetrics insurance go. This REALLY griped my soul, as this doctor's office is far and gone from where I live... I was only continuing to go to his practice because I wanted him to deliver my last kiddo. Highly inconsiderate of him if ya ask me! So his nurse gave me a few names of some other doctors, and I settled on the one woman doc on the list.

She turned out to be just fine, although her practices' waiting room is about the size of my bathroom, and even though her office is technically in the town two towns up... it might as well be in Siberia, as it takes over 25 minutes to get there. Those of y'all who live in big cities are now rolling your eyes, I'm sure... but hello? Gas? One income family? About to add to that family? YIKES!

Still, I was gonna just suck it up. Then they hit me with the bill, and they wanted it paid in full by the end of the seventh month. The huh? Now, it's not the matter of the money. We pay. But before the services are even rendered? What sort of business does that?

Perhaps I have been soured by the fun we have been having in terms of dealing with contractors, but in my book... you NEVER pay for a service in full, until after the deal is done. Half maybe, but not the whole shebang. You do, and they have no reason to finish the job nearly as well, or in as timely a fashion. Dude, they already HAVE your $$.

Plus you always hear about so and so who's doc doesn't even manage to make it there to catch the baby... and it's some random nurse or intern who takes care of business. Or you have that kid on the front lawn of the hospital, and it's your dear horrified husband does the honors. You get a refund? I doubt it!

Naw... so all that, plus the fact that a week after my first visit with the doc, I realised that if I wanted to get a Nuchal Translucency Screening done, the time window to do it would be closed if I waited until my next appointment to get it set up. So I called the office and talked to the doctor's PA who had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. A PA to a doc who delivers babies. I had to spell it for her.

Granted, this is a relatively new test on the scene... but it is covered by my insurance, and seems like a pretty good idea for a 39 year old pregnant lady to consider. It's essentially an early ultrasound that measures ( I think) a pocket of fluid at the base of a fetus' neck, and can offer a good heads up on things like Down's syndrome, Trisomy 18 and a few others.

Sigh... yeah I know, I will not be handling anything differently if there is a genetic defect in my baby, but this test can also pick up on heart defects... and there are some things that CAN be done in the womb if necessary. Plus, I just want to know. I just want a heads up. And I sure am going on and on for a woman with a muzzle on.

The upshot of all this? I switched doctor's to one who has a practice in this town. An office that HAS heard of the NT test. Yay! And tomorrow is my screening, the very last possible day that the test can be done and be considered viable. I'll let ya know if it's twins.


elizasmom said...

Awwww. So cute when little kids sleep like little frogs like that.

Too bad you had to switch docs, but I completely agree with you on the call you made not to stick with the female doc. She might be good, but it doesn't sound like she runs the tightest ship if her PA hasn't heard of NT, and I definitely agree about not paying for services BEFORE they are rendered.

Superwoman said...

Hope it's a better doc. If you still don't like this one I highly recommend Dr Gammett in Provo at Provo Obgyn. He also has two great nurse midwives if you really want a woman. Good luck with everything.

Mama D said...

The yard looks beautiful and lush.

The tush is adorable.

Twins! Ahhh! That would be crazy.

Good luck with the new doctor!

Anonymous said...

I love when babies sleep like that! Good luck with the screening.

Heather said...

Hey there... just so you know, I've got a fabulous OB out by you, so if you want his name, email or call me... Congrats on the pregnancy. That rules.

jenk said...

Awe! I love the tushie!

As for the screening? I had a similar ultrasound done when a bloodtest came back with a possibility of down's syndrome for the Kid. Then, the ultrasound measured a possible positive for the bump at the base of her neck. It lead to an amnio and three weeks of me panicking over down's syndrome. Turned out everything was fine (obviously). I'm not saying don't have the test, I'm just saying take it as a test and not fact. Unless you get a genetic screening, you never know for certain. Have you talked about an amnio?

Good luck tomorrow! I hope you like your new doctor.

Fantastagirl said...

I love it when kids fall asleep like that - sooo cute!

I'm glad you are finding a doctor that has heard of the NT screening I hope all went well - twins? That would be awesome! Maybe some boys?