Friday, June 06, 2008

The Behbeh

So I went and did the test thingy... took two and a half flippin' hours what with the screening being a four part process, and then the waits in between each leg of the journey. Thank heavens I had dropped the girls off at my sister's or it would have turned ugly fast. To say nothing of the awkwardness of the fact that The Behbeh wouldn't cooperate, and so they had to scrap the regular ultrasound method and use the "trans vaginal" ultrasound, a.k.a. the wand or the cootchie-cam. Good times.

I am doing the "integrated screen" which means that I will not get the results until a week after a second blood draw at the end of June. But after talking at length with the Geneticist (leggo numero uno of el Journey), the fact that the main thing they were trying to measure via ultrasound, a pocket of fluid at the base of the neck, which in The Behbeh's case was so thin (thin good, thick bad) that they really had to work hard to get a measurement... well, I just ain't a-gonna sweat it. Mind you, I'll go back in for the blood draw, but my initial nervousness is gone. If the screen DOES show anything funky, and I doubt it will... then I will consider an Amnio. Again... I doubt it. Everything's just fine.

And not twins! Just one heck of an active kid! Holy SMOKES! Behbeh was spinning and twisting and flailing about... hiccups and kicks and a few goofy, twitchy karate-like moves. And not one clear shot of it's cootchie or otherwise! Stinker.

I WILL go on record here and say that in my heart, I am convinced that it is a boy. Will not be even slightly sad if we get el girlo quatro, but I really do think we have a boy. Either way... we are covered; I have a slew of both girl and boy names that make Dadguy insane!


Mama D said...

The whole way through reading this post I kept thinking boy, boy, boy. Then you said it. I think it's a boy too. Which is weird because... what do I know. Glad everything went well and I too think everything is going to be totally fine.

Heather said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that you have good news, if not as much news as you would like. :) Congrats.

jenk said...

Congrats! I'm glad everything went well. Did you know all the other times what you were having?

bon said...

Jenk- ahem, I thought ALL my babies were boys for at least the first month or two, so take this "mother's intuition" for what it's worth. Nothing.

Except I really DO feel like it's a boy!