Friday, June 20, 2008


For a blogger, too much self editing is like not enough fiber in your diet. Causes an unpleasant back up of things that really ought to be moving on out, as it were.

Unpleasant. That about sums up my attitude, and really? I'm a-gonna just lay my blogstipation at the feet of my messed up, and preggo body. Because, same as my ACTUAL and equally unpleasant digestive constipation? it is caused by hormonal surges and imbalances. And I am not happy about it. Like the kind of "not happy" that would end up with someone getting kneecapped, except that I am PREGNANT, didn't I tell you? I feel so much like crap that I just couldn't be bothered to take that tire iron and actually chase that special someone down to do the deed.

But they upped my meds the day before yesterday, so in a week, you might want to watch yourself. I'm not joking.


Tracey said...

Well, I'm all bitchy and messed up and I'm NOT pregnant. You have a much better excuse...

Suburban Gorgon said...

Hang in there, darlin'. I feel your pain.

Jenk said...

It's a lack of steak and handheld turkey pot pies.

Should I send food?


Well- I'll wish you love, peace, and fulfillment instead.