Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Thinka-roos

* Hoping for an early and extended nesting experience this time around. This place needs a serious deep cleaning.

* Gagh! What was I thinking?
Four kids? I'm gonna die.

* Dadguy is going out of town for four days next week, I'm gonna die sooner than I thought. I wonder if it's too late to reinstate mandatory naptimes?

* Of course it's too late. I'm gonna die.

* This is the best weather we are gonna have all year.... what the heck am I doing inside blogging?

* The smell of the churchhouse hallways makes me nauseous. Not sure if it's a cause and effect, or if it's more of a Pavlov effect. I'm in the cultural hall working out, and I start to feel sick, and run out into the hall so I don't puke in front of everyone. The smell of the hallway drives me right over the edge into yakksville, so I run into the bathroom. Or perhaps I am so used to being ready to puke by the time I'm IN the hallway, that now just the act of walking into the hallway makes me sick. I DON'T KNOW. But it sux.

* I come from a long line of genetic food intolerances and love of fresh fruit. Constipation in not a thing commonly found in my family tree or in my own, personal intestinal workings. Not even much of a problem during pregnancy until nearer the end. Enter this pregnancy. I think I really AM dying. When I run, or jump, or skip rope? I KNOW I am dying.

* Yesterday was my nephew's birthday party, it had a general pirate-like theme. The cake was a
super CUTE 3-D bust of a pirate, and the cupcakes were frosted, with a red bit of fruit roll-up across the top for a piratical bandanna. We showed up a bit early for the party, so the girls and I got to help add the M&M eyes, nose and red licorice grins to finish out the smaller pirates. At the end there were still seven or eight frosted cup cakes with no bandannas, and my sister suggested that we go ahead and decorate them as well. Birdie contemplated them for a moment, and announced that these cupcakes could be the "guys who have to walk the plank." We had a good laugh, and proceeded to give the GWHTWTP sad faces, grimaces, and Mr. Bill "O's" of distress.

* It's three in the afternoon and I am ready for another nap.


Becky..AMHW said...

Cultural halls smell like culture...

Superwoman said...

Your ward does a workout day? Wow, our ward doesn't do much, I think we've moved onto a book club or something, that's about it. Good for your ward.

bon said...

Yeah... it's actually not an official ward activity so much as there is this lady in our ward who is righteously buff and interested in helping others by was of pain and sweat two mornings a week. Her work outs and running tips really helped me drop the 50, and I'm hoping to stave off the worst of my muscle tone loss by continuing while pregnant.

Jo said...

I LOVE you! Thanks for the mention on Sue's blog. It was the most pleasant surprise.

Mama D said...

You won't die. You are not allowed.

I hate how our noses work while pregnant. It makes it impossible to do almost anything without wanting to vomit.

Birdie. What a girl. Love her.

beth - total mom haircut said...

You shall not die. But it really can suck sometimes.

When I was pregnant with Sam the smell of the building where I was taking classes became associated with nausea. I couldn't even go back there later without feeling sick. Oh, and one of my coworker's breathe made me want to yack. Sorry, this comment probably makes you want to yack...

sari said...

I know there were many places I couldn't stand while I was pregnant that I still haven't returned to. But they're mostly restaurant type places.

Feel better!

(PS Love the Mr. Bill)

Amanda said...

Oh, you! I just welcomed my third, you are courageous to go for the fourth. I am so, so weary. And the constipation...oh. my. screaming. insides. All three pregnancies had me bound tighter than a...umm, I am sure there is something catchy to say here regarding corsets or something, but darned if I can think of it.

Good luck!