Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Pic: Work

So... we're finally getting a little bit o' use out of the kiddos.

The fruits of the first art class with the cousins.

Went to Home Despot and dropped a grundle of cash for most of the stuff we'll need to finish the basement. I say "most" but this is with the glaring exception of the carpeting. We will likely have to put in the carpet next year. Dude. We are going broke.


The tile for the bathroom floor, plus the big white box in the tub is the fiberglass tub surround.

Ten doors, miles of casing and baseboard, and the fixin's for a half banister.

Caulking, sundries, and the primer for the walls. The painting will be perpetrated by my nephew "B" and a sprayer borrowed from my cousin. Let's see how long all of this really and for actually takes. I'm betting our carpenter/tile guy will be done by the end of the week. I'm thinking that the painting may take two weekends (or B's equivalent of a weekend, not sure of the schedule of B's day job) to do. Hmm... it may be time to call Dadguy's cousin (our plumber) to finish off the bathroom early next month! Wheee!


Nobody™ said...

I hear you about going broke, and my project is a fraction of the size. The $4 gas is killing us here.

When you get it all done I'll be over to play pinball.

Blogarita said...

We simply have to get some kind of (reliable) backflow valve installed before we construct anything downstairs, and finding time for SG to do that is difficult. Most of his evenings and weekends are going to overtime, and when he does have time off, we make sure we vacate to the campground. If they know he's in town, they they expect him to put in all his "spare" time to OT.

Mama D said...

Is it weird that the first picture is kind of scary to me. I don't know what's wrong with me. Exciting to be able to get most of the work done. Still a huge thing even without the carpeting.

elizasmom said...

Oooh. Jim and I are excited for the time when we can put our kid to work, too!

This looks like a big project. We have a basement that could use refinishing too, but we are not even a fraction of the way there yet. Good luck!

Suburban Gorgon said...

Ack. I thought we had a lot of projects!