Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Power Puff Chaos

My girls are on a Power Puff Girls kick.... and it fits in kinda scary cute. There is Blossom, the red head who is the leader and kinda bossy, Bubbles the blond with two pony tails is the cute one, Buttercup has short dark hair and is hotheaded and tough.

Except for a little bit of transposing the personality of Bubbles and Buttercup... we have a perfect match-up for my sweet Chaos.

Birdie- Blossom
LaLa- Bubbles
Pearl- Buttercup (she pronounces it Buh-durrr-cup)

I sort of hope they are still into this come October... I'll totally make them some Power Puff dresses and send them Trick-or-Treating! But what really gets me, is that Birdie draws these pictures of PPGs that are dead on. Then they color them in, cut them out and play PPG with them until they are shredded into bits. They are averaging two dolls a day right now. I am too lazy to set up the scanner... but here is a photo of some of the latest incarnations of the dolls before they get colored or cut, along with two of the older, more scotch-taped-together versions.


Blogarita said...

Oh, how cute. The drawings, the pretending, all of it!

Mama D said...

Holy MOLY!! Birdie is one talented artist like her Mama. Seriously. I could not draw that well.


I dressed up as Buttercup one year for Halloween. Because she is my favorite and it was also handy that I had the right hair at the time. I even had a bit of a black eye from TaeKwon Do at the time. Funny thing was a lot of people didn't know who I was.

Miss A is into them as well, but we only have a DVD so we don't see them too often.

elizasmom said...

OMG Mama D  - *I* dressed up as a Powerpuff Girl for Halloween once, too! With one of my karate friends! I think I was Blossom, because my hair was dyed red at the time.

Aaaanyway — bon, your daughters are a hoot! I love when kids take an idea and run with it like that, and I ADORE the picture of Buttercup scowling!

Suburban Gorgon said...

Wow, those are really good!

Superwoman said...

SO, uh, you think she might be an artists one day???

Beachy Mimi said...

Great drawings! I have invited you to do a meme over at Beachy Mimi.

Jo said...

Wow! I am wildly impressed with her artistic skills. Little Man loves Powerpuff girls. There is so much blood and other body fluids in the show, plus the violence. I dare any boy to really watch it and say it is a sissy show. Those PPG are tough!