Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Pic: Basement

Piffle dee pfeffernuese. So there is not nearly so much going on in the basement progress as I thought there would be. The guy we have contracted, spent an average of a half an hour a day down there this past week. To be fair we added the equivalent of one doors worth of trim and one shelf in the laundry room to his docket... but the truth of the matter is that we have been in a painting holding pattern since Thursday. As in... my laundry room is down there, and I have thought for sure each day that the painting was starting THAT DAY... so no laundry has been happening. At all.

Hello Mount Washmore!

What am I complaining about? I haven't even managed to fold and put away the four baskets of clean clothes that sit at the foot of my bed.

So... a few pics just as I promised...

I know, the unfinished laundry room. Riveting.

In other news... there is a decided lack of news. All I seem to be able to think or talk about is this pregnancy. I am starting to bore the hoopty out of myself, and it's all just TMI if you ask me. But don't ask me. Because I
will share the TMI goodness.

I will mention the fact that I have gone from a woman with the appearance of being six to seven months pregnant, to that of a woman with a mere four month belly...

Dude... my six year old noticed. The behbeh is still plenty active, so no worries, it's just one of those goofy pregnancy tidbits that no one else really cares all that much about.. Except for me. And mostly because I cannot keep my maternity pants up any more... AND it has heralded my usual pregnancy tailbone/pelvic/hip pinched nerves and pain. And I thought that I was getting out of that party this time around.

Fine... it's worth it, see?

As cute and as goofy as ever.


Nobody™ said...

Your basement rocks. Even in it's unfinished state it's better than mine. My basement is butt-ugly in a late 60's sorta way. And our laundry room is crappy painted concrete blocks and a bare cement floor, as is the basement bathroom. It ain't at all pretty.

Looks like the girls are having a good time in the pool. My kids keep begging for a pool, one of those big round ones that take like 1500 gallons to fill. Do they not understand the ridiculousness of the East Undershirt Water Department? It would cost more for the water than the pool!

bon said...

Heh.. yeah this beast is actually too big to blow up! I had to use the air compressor that the basement guy brought over.

Mama D said...

The basement is coming along great. I know how these projects tend to drag.

I'm sorry about all the pregnancy grossness and I SO know what you mean. At approx. nine days to delivery my nausea is back with a vengeance. Yuck.

Your girls are as lovely as ever.

Fantastagirl said...

Your girls are just dolls - I wish we lived closer to you - I think Tink would have a blast playing with them.

And your basement project is coming along great!

Jo said...

Your basement is going to look superdeduper when it is done!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

that is a project! good thing you're documenting, or you'd soon forget how much friggin work you're putting into your beeyooteeful basement!

also, every time you feel irksome about your pregnancy, just remember this is the last tenant.



Enjoy it on my behalf.

elizasmom said...

I wish *I* was splashing around in a pool right now. That looks like fun.

Pendullum said...

What absolute cuteness in your beautiful mermaids!!!!

jd said...

I get that hip nerve pelvic thing too! I dread that when expecting. Those gals are adorable!