Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Pics: The Tour Le Grande

Hooookay! Did I promise y'all a tour? I think I may have. I think I may have also pissed off a few of y'all by my reluctance to get to the money shots earlier this week.

Tough patooties. This has been a little traumatic for me, and I am a delicate flower.

If you would like a closer look at any picture, just click on it.

Come with me now, on a magical journey through a series of once magical and echo-ey rooms that are now just rooms. Granted, they are rooms that have just doubled our living space, so yeah... there is THAT magical aspect of them. But first things first, let's head on downstairs.

When you arrive at the bottom landing, if you turn to your left you will see this lovely sight...

Bear left from approximately the middle of this first room and you will see the beginning of the hallway, the door to the media closet, and the entrance to the Love Den of the Dadguy a.k.a. the Gameroom. The cute girlie in pink is just the spokesmodel, pay her no mind.

This shot was taken while the photographer was standing next to the Twilight Zone Pinball machine. That Defender cabinet is actually a Multi-Arcade-Machine-Emulator, or MAME machine. If ever there was an arcade game that was fun? It's loaded on this baby!

On the other side of the MAME is a Magic Sword arcade game... that will probably get sold to make room if Dadguy ever gets his dream-come-true of an Addams Family pinball machine. An event that I am now realizing will likely come to fruition before my own dream-come-true of new furniture. Say La Vee... in the end it will all work out. It better.

Again with the spokesmodel.

So, c'mon with me now down the hall way here...

The first door on you right will be the laundry room. Woooo. Eventually (if the guy ever wants to get paid) there will be a shelf on those boards over the washer and dryer. Eventually.

Here is the bathroom, the second door on your right. Obviously it still needs a little work, but we are aiming for the first of August to have it up and running. The tile flooring was just grouted yesterday afternoon, and needs a coat of sealer yet. Then the tub surround goes up next weekend, and the plumber comes in the week after that to hook up the workings.

We hope.

But this is Reality in Chaos, so we'll see what really happens.

Third door on your right is the currently very over-burdened cold storage. In between the shelving is stuffed a number of pieces of furniture that will be making their way out into the household. Later. When we get around to it.

This shoy was taken from the doorway... but I see no sense in overwhelming your eyes with more food storage and a bunch more crap.

Well heck yeah! Let's get all the ugly out of the way here! This is the first door on your left, it is the closet under the stair, also known as BOO! Dadguy knows what everything here is. I think. Let's just keep moving along, shall we?

Second door on the right is the guest bedroom, sewing room, eventually one of the girls' room. This is the last room of our circle.

This room has the larger windows, and is actually part of what is usually finished as the family room in the model of house that we have. It is situated directly below the front room upstairs.

We actually had to break down a framed and rocked in wall (along the left hand side of the stairwell going down, where the banister now is) in order to get the stairs to open out into the family room in the way that we finished it. Because of the way we chose to do it, we ended up with a cold storage (has no windows) instead of an extra bedroom. But I have been in houses that are finished the other way, and I cannot repent of our decisions. I love the way that we have done it too well (the banister, the archway, the open feel) to feel badly about that lost bedroom.

In this shot you can also admire some adventurous Hollyhocks growing up out of the window well.

So now you turn and realize that the guest room has a door that also leads into the family room, passing along the bottom of the stairs! A loop! My favorite! Yay!

Ooop! I think we are done... there goes that girlie!

The End


Nobody™ said...


I really hate our basement.

moo said...

wow, I love it!!

Note to self: DO NOT show this post to my husband.

bon said...

Nobody: Trust me, I have gone through moments of hating this basement too.

Moo: Don't knock it! As far as hobbies go,it costs less than purchasing and maintaining four wheelers and motorcycles right from the outset. Add into that figure the costs of lost wages and hospital bills for surgery and steel plates for the busted bones that the end user can often earn with the other hobby, and the cost of this hobby becomes bubblegum money. I do not exaggerate. In a two block radius in the past two years there have been four men jack themselves up pretty hard while pursuing fun on wheels.

Yup, I'll take the bulky arcade machines any day!

But no... that is not a video game... that is TWO video games and a pinball machine! A veritable BARGAIN when you consider.

elizasmom said...

Ooooh. I like the carpet (is it speckly in real life — because if so I dig it), the light fixtures, the open space and most of all, your spokesmodel!

bon said...

With three kids and one on the way... a speckled carpet is a MUST!

It hides the inevitable dirt and stains.

Fantastagirl said...

I love it - looks awesome!

Nobody™ said...

You should chat with Mrs Nobody, she's complaining about a couple hundred bucks worth of Ham Radio equipment. I figure that's a whole lot cheaper than if I were hanging out in a bar somewhere.

Superwoman said...

looks great! Congrats on a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

PS: Ha! My husband used to have defender tabletop (I think). Now there is only a lonely Robotron in our garage. It is like C3PO without R2D2.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so absolutely Lo-ve-ly! You must be thrilled, despite the few missing pieces. I miss having a basement so much! We don't have that in the South, which was a bad surprise when I moved here from the Midwest and the Northeast. There, it almost doubles the size of your house! And you are so lucky to have these big windows down in your basement. That really makes it valuable living space. Now you just wait for the girls fighting about who gets the downstairs bedroom. Good luck;-)

beth - total mom haircut said...

Wow! Talk about doubling one's living space - it's HUGE. Good work! I can't believe how much you guys did. I hope everyone loves it. I know I always loved our basement growing up; it was my favorite room in the house.

Mama D said...

It is totally amazing Bon. I am so excited for you. I know it is going to be the most incredible thing for your whole crew!

P.S. I'd love to come over and play video games...

Jo said...

LOVE it! It looks so nice. And your spokesmodel is PERFECT!