Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Pic: Progress

Y'all... I hurt. I have tweaked, pulled or torqued something in my upper back/neck/shoulder region by vastly overdoing it yesterday. I cannot turn my head all the way to either side, but I also cannot yet repent, because we are ready. READY! For the carpet to be laid tomorrow morning. Against all odds, we are now ready. Mind you, it didn't have to be this way, this close of a race. The guy that we had contracted to do not only the finish carpentry, but the painting and tile in the bathroom (a series of jobs that he assured us would take one single week and a day to complete?... six weeks later finally completed the carpentry and paint leg-o-the-journey on Thursday and promptly went out of town.

And then the paint dried all the way and we realized. Was not OK. And then we freaked. I believe I used the eff bomb. Several times. I had already paid him.

So Saturday morning we hired the neighborhood uber-sitter and proceeded to roller coat the entire basement with another coat of the white that we had chosen. Not difficult, as we had five and a half extra gallons of the color (mixed and un-returnable) left over, that the guy had had us purchase for the job. Luckily, as anyone who has painted before knows... the roller coating part is the fast and fairly enjoyable part of painting.... it's the masking and cutting part that takes time, is tedious and generally bites.

Ceiling, walls doors and trim were all same color, no carpeting or furniture to hassle with... the job was pretty fast, but it has made all the difference. But then we also had to scrape and shop-vac the entire basement floor in preparation to the carpet coming in. These are not a combination of jobs that a pregnant woman really ought to tackle all in one day. So today I pay. And pay. And pay. I'm betting that Dadguy is paying as well... but as he was up and gone by six-thirty for his church meetings today, it's a little tough to say for sure.

Yeah. Pretty sure he's paying.

He also got the lights up in the family room, one of the bedrooms (what will be our game room), and one of the hallway lights. Looking good, yeah?

Still left to do, but not in this order:
  • switch plates
  • plugs and plates
  • smoke alarms
  • cable and network plates
  • phone jack plates
  • vent covers
  • umm... oh yeah... the carpet
  • lights in closets, bedroom, hallway, bathroom
  • bathroom tile
  • tub surround
  • install toilet and sink
  • doorknobs
holy cow... we are never gonna finish. We will need blinds for a total of five windows too. If we are cool, it will be most all of it done by August fourth when my parents come to visit. At the tectonic pace that we have been going? Not a lot of hope. Sorry Ma... but at least there are no spiders! Seriously... the worst I have seen down there in months has been the 'tato-bug we found trundling across the concrete yesterday, and as he was hustled out by Pearl in her hot, grubby paw... I doubt we will be seeing much more of him!

The color is Behr's "Silk Pillow." This shot highlights the lovely texture.

A preview of the carpeting.

The way that we finished our basement, at the base of the stairs you can either take a left into the family room, or a right into a bedroom. The bedroom also has a door that opens into the hallway which at the arched end attaches to the family room. The floor plan is a big circle. I love circles and loops. Next week I will take y'all on the extended tour of our basement circuit. It'll be fun... if you like that sort of thing!


JenK said...

Weee! I love remodeling projects!

I can't wait to see the tour tomorrow and the new carpet. The carpet is going to make it seem so finished!

Jo said...

Oh oh oh! It is looking really good! Before you put the carpet down, you might want to let the kids color on the floor. We let our kids to that. I hesitate to think what the next people will think when they pull that carpet up! The kids had a blast though. Have fun!

Nobody™ said...

Looking good. And this reminds me, I really need to get a smoke alarm in the room I built.

Blogarita said...

Even if it's not done yet, I'm totally envious. I'm not sure the day will ever come for us.

Mama D said...

I LOVE that sort of thing.

The basement is looking great. I can't wait to see the finished product. I thought the carpet was being postponed though. Guess not, which is great.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

bonbon that looks so great! you should be really proud - you've really done a lot of work with that space and it shows!

Anonymous said...

Wow. that is so cool!! But don't try to get it all done in a hurry at your back's expense in order to be ready for us. The main thing i think is important is the toilet. But in case that doesn't happen in time, s'ok, cause i note that there is a banister and that is a big help for a groggy old lady trying to get up stairs in the night to do her thing. Paint is beautiful. Carpet is nice. Do you still want the credenza? It is heavy and will be tricky to get around the bend at the foot of the stairs, but i think it will work. Looking forward to seeing you guys and your basement. But like i said, go easy on your lil' bod. That is the most important thing. Love, mom

DadGuy said...

I like the new layout. Yay for carpet!

elizasmom said...

I think it looks GREAT. I am living vicariously, as I think of the many larger home improvement projects I'd love to tackle in our house. Even if it's not all done yet, what IS done is lovely and you're a lot farther along than we are!