Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Pics: New Stuff

Here are a few of the new and improved Pearl features and upgrades:

*now comes in sans sequin and sans apricot-sized-abscess model!
*new three to four inch incision at base of neck, complete with stitches and surgical tape.
*two drain tubes sprouting from incision site.
*handy snap up purse to hold drain bulbs at ends of tubes with saucy over-the-shoulder straps.
*ankle bracelet name tag.
*Long term IV insertion in left arm, plus countless meds, fluids and nutrition being dumped in daily... comes complete with 35 lb mobile IV stand.
*three inch incision on tummy, plus an all-new gastrostomy draining/feeding tube just to the right of site (model shown here with newborn sized diaper at end of tube to catch the various fluids and yuk draining from a veeeery empty tummy).

Act fast to get yours now, many features will not be available for long! But wait...if you order today you can also have the special "Million Dollar Toddler" option package that comes complete with insurance busting health care bills, Premiums and monster deductibles. You know ya wanna!


elizasmom said...

Oh, that sweet, brave little bionic baby! I just want to pick her up and give her what Eliza calls a "squishy hug," except I'd be afraid to dislodge something. I see now why the hospital stay will take a while. I'm glad you are able to get outside with her, and I am very happy to see that third picture. In my experience, a toddler wandering around futzing with random things she finds in her environment is a toddler who is doing OK.

meritt said...

But boy will she have a story to tell when she's 30.


Blogarita said...

She's a sweet and beautiful as ever...tubes and all.

Shelli said...

Poor little baby pumpkin. Hugs to you and her.

Jo said...

Goodness, too much adventure! NOw you can add a serious nursing degree to your CV. And the joys of the PICC line, oh gosh, I remember the PICC line. Hopefully ya'll will be going home sooner than later.

sarah k. said...

What a cute girl. She's got the best parents to take care of her.

Mama D said...

She looks lovely and brave.

Wow! She has a lot of stuff going on.

I hope you and Dadguy are hanging in there alright. Let me know if there is anything I could mail you guys that would cheer you up!!!

Fantastagirl said...

She is looking great - love that she is getting some outdoor time!

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I love that defiant straight-up sprig of hair. Lots of kidn thoughts for all of you,
Elizasmom's Mom

Heather said...

Poor little princess. There, now I sound like Ursula, the sea-witch, coming up with a plot to steal her soul. :)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

she's like, "so I got all this stuff to carry around now - what's the big deal? I got a binky, life is good!"