Saturday, May 19, 2007

She passed her Esophagram with flying colors! So much so that the doctors ordered a diet of "Clears PO" starting Saturday morning. This means clear fluids BY MOUTH! This is a HUGE deal... this is also a full month and a half sooner than they had every intimated this could happen.

Before you say... clear fluids, whoopty-doo! Check out this list of possibilities:

Enlive- an apple flavored nutritional energy drink
Carnation Instant Breakfast Juice Drink- in orange and berry flavors
Apple Juice
Grape Juice
Cranberry Juice
Chicken, Beef and Vegetable Broth

Dude, they have a Slushie machine on our floor!

Here's the deal... her surgeon, Dr. Brilliant-Surgeon the Queen of the Worst Case Scenario shared with me a vision of the best case scenario. You interested? Yeah, I was too.

If everything goes perfect... we could leave the hopspital with the G-tube in place as a "precautionary measure." There is an outside possibility that we never have to use it at home. I am now struggling to not get my hopes up. That "sproinging" sound you hear? That is me failing horribly.

But the pressure is ON. Last night she busted her PICC line. It was a freak accident, but if she cannot get up to speed in three days? We have to put her back under and give her a new line, and back to square one. Currently she has a plain old IV line that is keeping her hydated. So this weekend's family "Fast and Prayer" session is still on. If you would like to join in... you ARE considered part of the Chaos Family via Trial-By-TMI.


Anonymous said...

I am with you!

Elizasmom's Mom

gingerstory said...

Oh Bonnie! That is SO GREAT! How could you not get your hopes up? Crossing my fingers especially for the next three days...

Blogarita said...

I know. I get my hopes up so you don't have to. There's a loophole for everything, don't ya know.

momofalltrades said...

That's great news! I'm in the hopes up camp!

terri c said...

Too late for me on the fast, but I am all over the "prayer" piece. Storming the heavens for you and your Pearl.

Fantastagirl said...

I'm with you on the prayer - I didn't know about the fasting part SORRY!! -

So glad to hear she is doing so well - she is full of spunk! Speedy recovery is on the way!

DK said...

Greetings Mama,

Just cruising through the Family Friendly blogroll tonight and found your blog. I will certainly keep Baby Pearl in my prayers - and you as well! Wishing you a restful Sunday,
A Flyover Blog

jd said...

We are with you on the Fast and prayers part. Hope you are able to take it easy today.

Pendullum said...

Baby Pearl is in my prayers...

Jo said...

Wonderful news! Go Pearl!

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

I'm so happy about this. I thought about your Pearl yesterday and what your days had been like.

I'm sure you've been giving her kisses for all of us.

Mama D said...

We are praying!

Granny said...

Jo just sent me over here.

What a nightmare this must have been for you. I'm glad she's on the mend.

I'll keep you in my thoughts.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Jo just sent me your way, Pearl is a beautiful baby! Good luck, you've got lots of prayers and well-wishes I see, that always helps! :) said...

Still thinking good thoughts for you! Hope everything is getting better.

sari said...

Praying (still) here as well!

I wish I had had such a variety of things to choose from when I was "liquid only" after my last one was born (via c-section). I think I had a tube in my arm and air and that was about it.

I'm so happy to hear she's progressing so well, and I know that things will work out!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how crazy this has been! I'm glad she's on the uphill!