Monday, May 07, 2007


This is a guest post from DadGuy as Bon wanted to post these but was unavailable to do so this morning.

Pictures of our house and yard that we worked on last saturday.


sari said...

Oh, I love how everything's so green, and all the beautiful flowers! I miss having lots of flowers, the heat here just kills them off.

Your house is so cute!

elizasmom said...

How DO you get them dang bleeding hearts to bloom so prettily? Mine are measly and little and flower about every other year.
You must have much warmer weather out there, because I am still dealing with itty bitty shoots.
Love Pearl's awesome legwear, too.

sarah k. said...

It's soooo pretty! And that picture of Pearl is too dang cute. Where did you get the leggings? I'm gonna need some for Kiki.

Nobody™ said...

Your porch light it crooked. It bugs me ;-)

Great looking place! I just have some old trees and grass, I can't grow anything. Even my grass is dieing in spots.