Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not So Great News

The girlie, she has been running fevers. The worst was last night and today, plus she started with a funky rash thing all over her body. Her heartrate has been way up there too... tachycardia. We have spent all day, running back and forth with the Esophagram, Xray, CT scan plus no more eating or drinking. Plus her IV lines have repeatedly failed, so now they have one in her foot. She is not allowed to walk anymore. Not that she wants to, she feels pretty crappy.

I've had my moments feeling pretty crappy today too.

All the tests look normal, but they aren't taking any chances. Next come some blood tests and tests to see if she has a bladder infection. I'm just hoping its some dumb virus that just freakin' goes away!


Sadly, they had let here start with soft foods yesterday, and they were set to pull the drains in her neck last night. The nurses had fully expected to send us home today... tomorrow at the latest. Now the best we can hope is for the fever to stay away for 24 hours and then start with the liquids again.



Anonymous said...


Elizasmom's Mama

Mama D said...

Ah Bon. Hugs from me too! The biggest, squeeziest hug ever.

Anonymous said...

oh bon...i have had you and your family in my prayers, and even though i haven't called you, i wanted you to know that me and my family care very much about the hardships that you and yours have been going through. i'm not sure if you know how much i love you. i don't want for my niece or you guys to have to go through any pain. you are one of the strongest women i know, as are all my sisters. i love you. The moo

Jo said...

I suppose it was too much to hope that things could go so well with no hitches. Praying it is a SMALL hitch.