Thursday, February 23, 2006


If you eat anymore raisins you will have the runs for days! I repeat. No more raisins for you!

It really is time for a post. I was going to give more reasons I don't advertise my religion on my blog and then I realized I am done thinking about it. I'd already talked it out with Dadguy, with my sister Taymee and with a few others... it's old business and none-of-yer business. *wink*


1. I sure love Mr.Dadguy. I tried to write about this "epiphany" or "God wink" that I had this weekend in regards to how deeply I love and am in love with the guy... but it turns out that it's a little too personal and close to blog about. So we'll just say Dadguy ROCKS!

2. Travelling for three hours straight in a van jam packed with treats, coloring books, toys, iPod playlist of kids songs and stories, double screen DVD player and yet miraculously NO KIDS (except the sleeping and/or mild mannered Pearl).... well that ROCKS too.

3. Grandmas who somehow manage to stuff three carseats into a Camry backseat to accommodate little girls dyyyyyyying to ride with her? That ROCKS!

4. Indoor waterpark in St. George on an ice cold freezing day after you have solemnly promised three little girls they can swim no matter what? ROCKS my socks!

5. Soft hearted pre-school teachers that find a way accommodate a sweet little Bird who has had her feelings hurt by some rougher kids? They ROCK and I blink back my own little tears.

6. Starting the process of taking bids to finish the basement? That ROCKS!

7. Killer new (for me) blog-reads? They ROCK!

8. this website in general is A-mazing! But these hats uber-ROCK!


Lei said...

Lol, Bon! Sounds like you had a nice trip!

Nancy said...

The indoor waterpark sounds AWESOME.

I am on my way to check out the blog award finalists and prepare to vote!

Rachelle said...

Sounds like a fun trip!

Mama D said...

You forgot to mention that you, YOU ROCK!! Without a doubt!

bon said...

oh, well see.... cuz, just awwwwww!

DadGuy said...

Man, this reminds me of Grim Fandango. I should play through that again.

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!