Thursday, February 02, 2006

Haute Cuisine Neuveau

If you live in or around Utah I guess you felt it, huh? Whaaaa...? you didn't feel the earth tremble? Maybe the laws of physics have changed then, because something is different around here. I shall elucidated.

We have a few dietary ummm... issues? restrictions? Those of my readers who are family are already laughing, and well they should because if ya don't laugh about what goes on at our dinner table then I'm sure you would be crying. I tell you that someday I shall post about what the crap goes on here in regards to what will or will not be eaten. But if you think I'm gonna spill all the beans in one post well, HA! I got enough here to make last at least three posts. Suffice it to say that it goes beyond the simple toddler food picky-ness' that plague the soul of many a mother... 'cause I got it coming from ALL directions. Luckily I am unusually equip to deal with what goes on in the kitchen.... I come from a long line of folks who suffer from Celiac-sprue disease as well as every imaginable food intolerance, allergy and aversion. Yo, Mom!

Really it's too bad because some people think I'm a fairly good cook in my own milieu ie., quasi Mexican, and comfort food. I make a mean guacamole, green chili chicken enchilada, enchilada, chili, spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf, cole slaw, various veggie dishes... all to naught.

Not that it would matter right now even if we weren't so freaky about what we eat. My "plate is full" right now with three wee kids, who has time for more than baked chicken and tater tots? You do? That's nice.... stuff it, ok? I mean that in as nice a way possible but did I mention that I do not multi-task well?

The upshot of all this is that last night I thought I'd shake it up a bit and make tacos. Dadguy wasn't going to be home for dinner anyway so If I managed to feed LaLa and myself (therefore Pearl by booby default), then good. Birdie could have some cheese and a taco shell. Once upon a time she ate black olives so I'd offer her some of those too. After dinner if things worked out worse than I thought they would I'd make her a PB and honey.... she hates jelly and jam.

She ate a taco.

No, she actually ate a taco and a half. It had cheese, meat, beans and chopped black olives. I had to excuse myself from the table and go to the bathroom to cry while she crunched away. We have just added an entire meal to a very short list of non-confrontational foods. She ate black beans with joy... she is, after all, of my loins and not the changeling I had suspected her to be.




momma of 2 said...

We still have very very picky eaters in this house too. We finally found something that Baby Girl wants to do - ride the roller coaster (she has no fear) and she's not tall enough - the only way to get taller - is to eat the veggies and food momma makes for lunch and supper. (evil aren't I?)

She now will eat almost all veggies - except lima beans, and will eat almost everything we put on her plate.

Mama D said...

Mmm Tacos. That is a nice story. My neice just turned five and she is the pickiest eater ever. I dread having to fight with Audrey over food. I really hope that she isn't too picky when she starts eating 'big people food'!

Shelli said...

See you just gotta keep offering it and things will work out.

bon said...

don't despair Mama D! Haven't found anything that I will eat that LaLa will not... it's just the kid.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

My two older kids eat what I give them or they can go hungry. Do I care if they like it? Nope! It's not like I prepared them gopher guts and eyeballs. Nothing I've fixed is strange...

Yes child, you will eat the melted cheese on the food because I've seen you eat the same melted cheese on pizza and not complain. You don't wanna eat? meal is in five to six hours.

gronce said...

Tacos are pretty much one of my favoritest foods. Mmmmmn!!!

Oh? I have a cat named Pearl, another we named Songbird who we call Birdie and my lizard's name is Layla (close).