Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I haven't disappeared, I have been down to St. George on vacation. It was a cold and rainy vacation but we went swimming every day anyway... the timeshare condo place that we go to keeps their pool very warm indeed.

In the meantime I have been thinking some profound old thoughty thoughts. Like why as an LDS (that's "Mormon" to you in the back there) woman I don't discuss my faith in my blog very much. There has recently been a dust-up regarding religion and blogs and the nominees for a blogging award. If you don't already know what I am talking about specifically don't bother trying to figure it out or unravel it. The whole fol-de-rol is just so much more of the same yakkity-smak that has been going on for years, it just happens to be playing out in the blogommunity. Suffice it to say that the pot has been stirred by a hand that, apparently, has at it's fingertips the same tired lies, half-truths and misinformation that has been spinning around in hard copy for as long as the Book of Mormon has been translated into the good old Queen's English.... blah blah blah. I have no time for folks who will sit and insist that they know better than I what it is that I believe, think or feel. What DOES deserve my time is the question of why, if my faith and Faith are so central to my life and so important to me... why is it not in my every post? It is in my every day. It is there and influencing my thoughts and actions when I arise, when I eat, when I speak and when I retire at night.

That stirring person? They had their own ideas of why it was that I (not necessarily me personally) don't advertise in two foot high boldface type about my religion. Whatever. I won't even bore you, it was just too stinkin' silly. But it did get me thinking. Why didn't I?

I've got my raisins.

1. The primary point to this blog is to leave a record of some of my thoughts, and to serve as a sort of journal for the benefit of the Chaos Girls when they grow up. I have a wretched memory and severe Mommy-brain, and unless I write it down I will lose it. For me I cannot seem to keep a real journal, but I do seem to be able to get it together if I think that someone is interested in reading RIGHT NOW. I think that is because I have a great big old case of the "notice me's," hardly flattering but I'm working with what I got.

2. There are members of my family who are interested in keeping up on the doings of my goofy-headed family but are not interested in being sermonized.

3. There are people well meaning and flamesque both who are armed with anti-mormon propaganda the likes of which would curl yer nose hairs. You start using certain words too much and your blog becomes google-able to those who are looking to pick a fight. I ain't looking for a fight.

4. My natural writing style is chatty. I like for my blog to be overall a lighthearted and silly affair. When discussing my Faith I tend to be none of these things and I think that's a good thing. Sacred is as sacred does.

5. This blog and blogging is pulling double duty as a social outlet. When you start off by whomping all of your beliefs on a person unasked and up-front all that stands out are the differences. Who wants to be friends with a set of beliefs? I am looking for dialog in my monologue if you can wrap yer head around THAT!

it's late. More reasons tomorrow.


Shelli said...

Those raisins seem reasonable. You are a wise woman and one thing that I know about you, maybe not from your blog but from personal conversations that we have had, is that you are a very spiritual woman and I really respect that. Even if we have slightly different views. I embrace diversity. It makes me a better person to learn about other's beliefs and values.

gronce said...

I totally hear ya. I read on another blog that the writer used the internet because it was indimidating to look at all of those blank pages in a conventional journal. That completely clicked with me. I've kept a journal off and on for the past 20 years (ugh! I am SO OLD!). I used to love getting a new journal - couldn't wait to fill the pages with my dreck. A few years ago, I didn't have it in me anymore. This has renewed my love for journaling.

I know what you mean about sharing all of the sides of yourself. I've got about five awesome people who come to my blog. I write anonymously and none of my friends or family know. But I still hold back. I'd feel like a holy-roller nutcase writing about my relationship with God. How sick/twisted is that? My relationship with God is pretty much what I'm here for, but I don't talk about it. Thanks to all of the effing nutcases! Actually, I'm just a chicken-turd. I should talk about it - everything. I mean, I'm anonymous for cryin' out loud.

What I write on my blog is true, but I don't tell everything about my life. I think that to write it down would depress me too much. Besides, the depressing stuff is the same stuff over and over and I would be making myself gag to write it.

Uh...I'm making no sense and I'm probably not getting what you're saying, but if I'm picking up what you're laying down, then I'm with ya.

I love your blog, and I think you're pretty rad.

I'm glad you had a nice vacation.

Mama D said...

Very well expressed as usual. Oh, I get so frusterated with people. Why can't we all just get along. Why must people be so judgemental? That is just the way we are made I suppose. I wanted to tell you I linked you today, just because you are cool and I felt like it. Link, link, link.

momma of 2 said...

I agree with Mama d, very well expressed.

Nobody said...

I thought you guys HAD disappeared! Glad to see you are back, and hope the vacation was a good one, even if it was cold and rainy. It's always nice to get away for a bit.

And thanks for the nice comments about my new blog template. It was actually much easier than I expected to modify it. If you get the urge for a change sometime and need a bit of help let me know.

Linsey said...

That whole thing is soooooo totally crazy.

I think that your blog, and the "other" LDS blog involved and all LDS Mom blogs in general have no need to post in exact words that they are mormon. You know why? I read your blog, and other LDS mommies and the influence of what we believe and our faith is very present. I see good strong families, I see loving relationships with husbands and families. I see priorities that align with what we are taught. I see the same morals and values in many of the Mommy blogs, regardless of their religion, I see they are good people with good values. I don't need to read if someone is LDS or anything else. Most of the time it is not difficult to gather if they are religious, LDS or otherwise. But it is posts like the "not-LDS bringing everyone down" blog where I read and think it is too bad that she can't just take people for who they are without a label attached, and laugh and learn from their daily happenings...or mis-happenings.

Okay, I will shut-up now. ;-)

Amber said...

1. ditto
2. ditto
3. ditto ditto
4. ditto
5. ditto
6. I think we're twins... Maybe I need to stalk you when I'm 'up there'. ;)

Nytro said...

i'm not exactly sure what got this blog started or is someone pissed you off, but I have to say that i totally agree with you. i don't think that any religion should require you to talk about it ALL. THE. TIME.

you live your life according to the principals you value in your faith. that's all that can be asked of you.

whoever put that bee in your bonnet needs to take a step back and think about others and the fact that everyone has a right to choose how they want to live their religion and their blog.

bon said...

heh, bee in my bonnet!

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

I have this funny belief that sometimes religion is to be kept intimate. People yakkin' too much about their religion makes me uncomfortable much like if I'd walked into their house and they were naked and involved in a personal activity.

It's one of the reasons I used to dread listening to those giving their testimonies.