Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Pox on My House

right...every time I think that I'm going to get on top of the game around here it is plague time. Can it be a plague if every child in the house has a different malady? I may have to rethink my semantics.

Birdie - sore throat, tested negative for strep... just a heavy duty cold.
rest, fluids soup ya-da-ya-da.

LaLa - the return of the ear infection plus a cold to boot.
tougher antibiotics plus what Birdie is getting.

Pearl - Bronchial-itis possibly RSV
nebulizer with a wee pediatric fish mask... she is now my fish faced baby.

Tonite was going to be our very hard earned datenight. We were going to drop the girls off at my girlfriend/hairdressers house and go out to eat then shop for LaLa's birthday presents. So it figures that I would be stuck with three flavors of snot instead. That is not to mention Pearl's horrendously putrid gas. Only I mentioned it just now, huh?

Yeah I know! A three month old should not have rotted plumbing. But I finally hit on the solution to the sick-baby-not-sleeping-thing. It was rather serrendipitous y'know... with the farting and all. This afternoon I had her in her carseat while running a few errands and picking up meds. She would stir and grump, then hack her poor little lungs out, which in any other forum? Would totally wake her up screaming.

Ahhhh, but the toots! I had the carseat covered with a blanket because this is the land of the vile freezing inversion, and she is my delicate flower infant. But the blanket also served to hold in the noxious fumes that would seep and pop out of her bummy, expelled by the sheer force of her explosive coughing. I know they were because everytime I would lift a corner of the blanket to make sure she was still ok, I would be hit with an eyewatering waft of green. Appearently she has sleeping gas percolating in her system. I am so putting her to bed in her carseat tonite.


Anonymous said...

How and when will they know if its RSV?!!! That's kinda a scary one! I'm sorry you're having to deal with three sickos at the same time, I mean really! This is so not fair!

Oh, for my worry wart self, please leave an air hole for Pearl, she might gas herself! heart you, Rob

Shelli said...

Oh, sister, I hope you are all feeling well soon!

Linsey said...

It stinks when one of the kids is sick like that, but all at once, that stinks...

blackbird said...

can I just say?

when Youngest is on a nebulizer, he has terrible gas.

Alissa said...

suckfest party at your house!

Mama D said...

I'm making a sad sympathetic face for you over here. I am always amazed by the nasty gas such a little person can produce. Hope you are able to get out for your date soon!!!