Friday, December 02, 2005


For Show and Tell this week I show you my vee-hickle. This is the glamour shot.

This is the less priddy, candid of mini-van-with-kids... in my filthy garage because it's raining.

...aaaand here.

This is the command deck, where I am "in charge." Plus my favorite bit of technology short of the internet. My loooovely ipod. I am in loooove with my ipod and kiss it everyday. Newest acquisitions... Disney Storyteller Series Peter Pan, and Foo Fighters- The Deepest Blues Are Black

I love my 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport! We bought it used last year for a great price (k, we are STILL buying it if ya wanna get technical). I also love my plates. It's got some numbers on it, but the letters read MUU. Heh.


blackbird said...

Love the plate.
Love the command center.
Love the carnage that children create in vehicles.

halloweenlover said...

Scrubba dub!

I like the van! And the ipod!

My sister in law got her minivan and had the license plate say "MOM LLC" as in Mom Limited Liability Company. Ha! It made me laugh every time I saw it.

Heather said...

Lala, What does a Dodge Grand Caravan Say? Muu

jak said...

Nice van, nice color too-and I jones for an ipod!It must be really nice to have in the car.

The Daring One said...

We just bought our van 2 days ago. I am giddy with glee. I will now go post about it.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

When we went to buy our mini-trash-collector we vowed not to buy another silver car.

So what did we buy because it was a floor model and marked way down, way way way down? Silver. It's a conspiracy.

biggest sister said...

Red is a most marvelous color. As I found out as soon as I bought a gold van, there are 4.2 million gold vans in a Walmart parking lot at any given time.