Friday, December 16, 2005


This can holds every ornament that would break my heart to lose or have broken. This is so I do not break the heads of my sweet girlies.

This is the nativity set that has been giving us all a break. Hours of joy and play... the green hillside doubles as a boat if you turn it over.

Because it fits, and it fits our family... except for LaLa, she has to have the "snow" plaque removed so she can see to "play" her games... this is a MAME machine and plays thousands of different video games.

show and tell brought to you today by Blackbird and Deb.


blackbird said...


thanks for playing...I love the tin, the idea of the tin...

bon said...

thanks for your kindness... but I do not love the tin. It is an admission of defeat and I always hate admitting I have been trounced.

SueeeuS said...

Very wise, to keep them safe. Maybe when the cutie-patooties are older you can bring them out.

DadGuy said...

So uh... why is my arcade machine on your show and tell?