Friday, December 09, 2005


Today is Show and Tell day... it's supposed to be our holiday decorations, but I don't have the heart to do what it takes to get it looking all Martha Stuarty like I meant it to look. I DO have my Christmas bling up, it's just taken a serious hit. Two days ago Birdie pulled a"timberrrr" on the tree. I was laying LaLa down for her nap when I heard the crash. I gave the kid a quick kiss and ran out to the front room where Bird was standing there with THE ornament in hand. So I picked up the tree, got the lights plugged back in and packed up all the ornaments that I gave half a fling about.

So the tree is looking pretty pathetic considering Birdie has all the bell ornaments in a box somewhere... she was giving the box to each member of our family in turn as a jingly gift. I don't remember who got them last or where they ended up. The glitter-glue and craft-foam homemade jobbies have all been removed to the play table in the girls room as the girls were both pretending like they were cookies earlier. The cardboard star covered in aluminum foil that I made for our first tree before we even had kids is still askew from the fall it took. It's a goofy looking star made out of a Dominoes pizza box and held up there with a twist-tie but Mr. Dadguy loves it and thinks it's funny to have up there... so what the hey. I haven't figured out how to hang the stockings yet, as our spiffy stocking hanger N*O*E*L lets them droop over the piano key board.

My lovely garland may not go up this year. Mostly because it goes waaaay up high on the plant ledge in our front room that has vaulted ceilings, and I don't want to end up finding out that the destructo-girls can reach that too. Also, I don't have the heart. The sleep deprivation is really set in, as well as the "holy crap we have three kids" shock. Add to that a fast approaching Christmas Eve, my lack of preparation, because face it... before I ever HAD the baby I was PREGNANT for 9 brutal months and wah, wah, blah, blah, blah... that's it. Blah. I feel blah and bah... as in bah-humbug. I am sure that by tomorrow it will pass as these feelings always do. Until then- have yourself a fairy waddle fishmouse.

Show and Tell via Blackbird


Jeanne said...


Well, I love the top photograph, the bells on the carpet. Really nice colors.

Amazing, isn't it, what kids can make into "cookies"?!

halloweenlover said...

I'm glad she is okay, though! Phew!

The tree is nice!

jak said...

I love the bells- the look really beautiful on the back ground-

Thank goodness the bridie wasn't hurt- when the Noodle boy was younger- he knock ours over-the following year-my jim NAILED it to the floor-yes! he did-right through the persian rug-to floor-He's a Tool time kinda guy-

your tree is really beautiful- the color is amazing!

bon said...

jak...NAILED it to the floor!? Now THAT"S stinkin' funny!

The Daring One said...

3 kids. Sheesh. I'm scared of that. Verry verry scared. No, I'm not announcing anything.