Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Mr. Dadguy, an otherwise intelligent man and all-around good parent, has an alarming habit of giving the girls chocolate on the way out the door to church. In their good Sunday dresses. Both girls still do not get the concept of "napkin," preferring instead to wipe their pig-dog paws on whatever they are wearing.

Dadguy... I love you, but this has to stop.


The Daring One said...

Laylee is also a sleeve/shirt-front wiper. Drives me nutso.

Yes, that is why I am nutso.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

Marshmallows. Use em, love em.

Heather said...

pig-dog paws! Insert snort of laughter!

DadGuy said...

So last night I got a warning, saying that I shoudln't be offended by the latest post.

I'm offended.


Marshmallows work if the kids actually EAT them. They are nasty once slobbered all over and then played with.

In my defense, it was one of those Oreo cookies with vanilla outside and chocolate inside. And the kids DIDN'T actually get them due to the mama's death stare. Sigh.

Shelli said...

Hi Bon, just stopping by to say hello. I have been here a couple times since you emailed me but I haven't had time to post a comment. I have had a couple of hectic days.

I am reading your archives and I am going to make notes here as I go. (I know I am really weird!)

Okay, the pictures of you in the hospital, the very bottom one looks exactly like me. I am not kidding, you could be my twin in that picture. Scary.

Next, I just clicked on the link for your bestest, truest and mostest deadly friend of all and I tell you it made me sick to my stomach. You know why. Incidently, I live in MN and the link is from MN public radio. Noo-Nee-Noo-Noo. That was my Twilight Zone song, in case you didn't know.

Next...The maple tree. I remember the first tree we planted in front of our house. Oh we loved and still love that tree! It is beautiful. I will have to take a pic of it next summer and send it to you. It has been there almost 15 years now. It started as a stick. I am not kidding. What is with the odd circles? Crop signs?

Next...Since I am a former pediatric nurse, I will just tell you I have an opinion about the chair. I won't tell you what it is, you can make up your own mind. Bravo on the NO co-sleeping, though!

Next...I am so done with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. I am afraid, however, that if Katie gets PPD, she will suffer and maybe harm herself or her child because he won't allow her to have any drugs.

Next...When you describ yourself at the end of the post called My Inner Hippy, you could have been describing me. I just had an errant thought...other than the fact that you are breastfeeding, we probably wear the same size bra. I know it is weird. I never claimed to be normal.

Next...Is Pearl a fictitious name for your baby?

Next...Your babies are beautiful.

I am glad that you have the man of your dreams and you are in a happy life. You have worked hard for your happiness. You deserve it.

How is your PPD this time around. Do things seem better with the pre-treatment? I hope all is well for you. I will be back again and I am blogrolling you.

Take care,