Monday, December 12, 2005

Girl Update

LaLa loves to dance around in circles singing "bow-a-way-nah, bow-a-way-nah, bow-a-wayyyy-nah!"

translation: ballerina

Birdie is a Pony half the time nowadays. Those of you who know her, know this is a switch from the usual "kitty" shtick. She is still a kitty the other half of the time. Her pony name is "Fizzy Pop," and believe it or not, Mother Superior, I have not yet told her a "Phizzy Poo" story. She latched onto the name all on her own. Fizzy Pop is one of the "My Little Pony" ponies, the merchandise of which she owns nothing but a coloring book. She has gotten alot of mileage from that coloring book.

You may all be asking yourself "what the heck is a Phizzy Poo story?"

Then again you may not, but I'll tell ya what it is anyway. Phizzy Poo is an intrepid calico cat who lives with Master in a house on Elm Street. She wears a cute little apron that has a wee pocket on it, and in that pocket it a small golden key that opens the door to her best friends house, Magic Mouse. PP and MM go on really cool adventures in a Magic Land. That's all I will tell you, because someday either Mother Superior or I shall write the adventures of this daring duo from my childhood. At night, when I was a kid my mom would get us all dressed for bed and then we would each get to choose one thing that she would then weave into her story. I only remember a few stories from start to finish but I do recall alot of elements and details and THOSE STORIES ROCKED! Even if they do not get written soon, they will be told to my girls... as soon as they can sit still for longer than five minutes running.

Pearl? Well she eats and poops like a champ and the past two days she has looked a little less like E.T. when she opens her eyes. Except for the wierd, wrinkly, extendo neck she couldn't pass for the "phone home" guy at all.


Lou said...

how cute! It is amazing how they latch onto stuff like that so quickly!

Sounds like a cute idea for a book!

Karan said...

bow-a-wayyyy-nah - sort of like Nell?

bon said...

yup... aaaand what does that say about the way her mama talks? hmm.

Dustin said...

i'm ashamed of post a gorgeous comment on the Couric comments recently yet you hesitate to link me in your favorites....


the humanity.