Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pick Meeeeeeee!

Erin O'Brien, a blogger and published author, has asked the blogging world to tell her why she sould send them a signed copy of her book to read and then review on their blog. Y'all are adults and get to decide for your ownselves if you want to read her book too.

There is no way in heck she'll pick me but I thought the writing of the letter would be a meme-like excercise... and here we go!

I believe that I have some unique qualifications to bring to the review of your book.

First off I am a chick and I used to ride.
Some of my first memories were of riding in the sidecar of a bike my Dad brought home from work. He was a cop on the force down in Las Cruces New Mexico, but he moonlighted (moonlit?) at the Honda Cycle Center. I love motorcycles. When I was 21 I dropped out of college and bought my first bike, a Yamaha 650, 1983... a basic street bike, unpretentious and I loved her.

Second, I have been pregnant and given birth three times.
One time I heard a statistic that really stuck with me and has become an odd superstition in my life view. The life expectancy for a person who uses a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation?... five years. With the exception of my youngest sister all eight members of my immediate family has some significant scar tissue from motorcycle mishaps, be it dirt bike or street. The only thing I have is a grill mark burn on my right shin. I am due to die. I'm interested in how Harvey handles the lifestyle changes that are coming her way, personally I have vowed to not get on any two wheeled motorised whatevers until my youngest turns 18. After that can you say "Roadhog Granny?" I know I CAN!

Third, I wish I could write.
Some day I really will write! That's what this blog thing is all about. It's a way that I, as a mom to three small girls, can start to get some skilz. I have written poetry and angsted out some short stories and Holy Hannah, it's HARD! The only thing that I have published are a few poems in local and now dead zines down in Albq years ago.

Fourth, I used to know real bikers. K, I don't know any up here in Happy Valley... don't think there are many to GET to know. But back in the day as a active member of AA it was impossible NOT to get to know a few, as they were usually the ones with the fun kind of sobriety. Granted I was regularly laughed at for my choice of riding material, but I was also a girl who rode so therefore forgiven a truckload of foibles. I HATED being called a "Motorcycle Mama" but a biker once told me that I looked like a Valkyries when I rode. That was pretty ok.

Fifth, I used to work at a Library. Sure I was the Storyteller for the two year olds, one year olds and babies, but being around all those books all the time has to count for something. Oh, and I got to teach literacy classes for parents, teen mothers and church groups as Facilitator for the MotherRead/FatherRead program. I AM pretty literate even if my punctuation and grammar sucks.

Ummmm... I have tattoos?

Sure, so there are a few reasons not to have me as your chosen reviewer. I think my blog, on it's hottest day since I started keeping track two weeks ago, had 47 unique visitors. W00T! I have only ever given reviews on writing at the grade school level plus my Father in Laws books. He's self published five boy adventure books. So what? Pick me, pick me, pick MEEEEeeeeeeee!


ps....ummm... unless there are any EXPLICIT sex scenes... then I guess you'll hafta count me out.


Erin O'Brien said...

Believe me, Bon, the decision has not been made. And your comments have been among the most compelling.

Your tattoo, by the way, is marvelous.

Shelli said...

I hope she picks you. I wanted to write to her, but thought no way in hell she would pick me. Also, I thought, the whole time I am writing I will be worrying about my grammar and spelling. I really want to get her book, but I cannot afford to right now.

kathryn said...

I love to experience honesty in people's writing. It gives me chills. This is a neat letter.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. That gave me chills, too.

The Daring One said...

You can't write?! My great aunt fanny, you can't.

Shelli said...


PDD said...

Congratulations Bon!

Happy Holidays!!