Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

This is as close to a post as I will get till at least Christmas night... and then, because I know that I am getting a copy of the movie Serenity probably not then either. I loved the series and have not yet seen the movie... I will be watching it wooo HOOO! I got the series on DVD as well! Nope, no surprises here, Dadguy and I are notoriously bad at keeping secrets and surprises from each other.

Guess what?

My ticket is punched, I am outnumbered. I cannot get ready for Christmas, blog and do the Mommy schtick all at the same time. Human, it's true. Mea Culpa, or however ya spell it, and Tough Beans. This is how I console myself for not being a cool, as my girls would say "givener" this holiday season. Other than my kids and nieces and nephews we are not really doing gifts. We were gonna do framed pictures of the girls... went and got a perfessional to take 'em and everything. There is a funny story about why can't actually PRINT the lovely pictures yet and maybe ever. K, not funny to me. Not funny at all, but we'll get everything fixed in the end, and there will be some great New Years gifts for all the Grandfolks etc....

Ho Ho ho well.

and did you see? I am one of three reviewers for Erins novel!!!!! Yayyyyyy!

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Shelli said...

Yes, I did and congratulations again!