Thursday, November 03, 2005

tai food and babies

So very much to do and write about! Last sunday evening a friend called up to ask if I was hungry... for Tai food. Please understand that Tallula (name changed to pertect the innocent) and her husband have a rep for being culinarily untouchable. Was I hungry? No, the answer to THAT question is "not applicable," the question that was in the subtext was how fast could I hotfoot my behemouth self over the 1/2 block to their house? I don't remember the names of all the ambrosia that I was fed, except that some of it was HOT, there were cashews in another dish, the spring rolls were exquisite and I have never had better curry. Ever. To think I was invited because some bizarro sibling and boyfriend just never showed up to Sunday dinner. Freaks.

My uvula? Oh, yes... so much better thank you.

The baby? Well , I went to see Dr.J yesterday morning. While he politely refrained from using the actual words "epic" or "gargantuan" he did agree with me that the 17th was just not a good idea. So now I have an appointment early tuesday morning to see if we can get a little labor-action started. If not, then Thursday we'll just go ahead and induce. Can I hear an "uh-HUH, uh-HUH!"

I really do think that it's time. The bed has started to creak alarmingly when I get in. So much so that last nite after one of my many pilgimages to the bathroom I was easing my Self into bed Dadguy waved his hand around from a dead sleep and mumbled "no, no be careful, be careful." I think my laughing woke him up. Poor guy. He's just not ready for a new baby. I know because he told me so this morning. The thing about Dadguy is that while he is the BEST Dad I know (sorry Pop he's gotcha topped) his paternal instincts just don't kick in till the kid's about six months old. You will never find Dadguy holding his newborn with that goooglie expression you see on some Dad's faces. With our first I was really worried that I was going to be on my own parenting wise. He just never got into the naming thing, wasn't all that taken with the whole pregnancy thing and when the actual infant thing popped out? He didn't seem all that sure about whether it was worth the Hoo-raw. I'm pretty darn sure that Birdie was the second infant he had EVER held, and also pretty sure that he didn't care if it was the last.

I love that man.

I need to go take some pictures, and download pictures... and share pictures. I haven't forgotten!

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Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

Uh huh, labor induction mojo...

I never was induced, but I had one scheduled for this last baby because I was TIRED. You don't get tired do ya? I didn't think so. I had it scheduled for a Tuesday and I gave birth the Sunday before.

Here's to short labor stretchy bits baby action.