Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hopes and Fears

Ahh, the siren song of a crying baby... I tell you when Pearl lets out a squall all hell breaks loose in this house. LaLa and Birdie go on high alert, audible intake of breath, eyes widen, pupils dilate and the screaming commences. They are both right there smack up in her wee face hollering


This continues until I can get the kiddo squared away and the crying stopped. Bedlam.
Did I mention the fingers? Fingers in the eyes, in the mouth, rubbing the fuzz right off that little baby peach noggin.
Later on when Pearl can protect herself and has a reaction repertoire of more than crying in discomfort, startlement, frustration, fear, pain etc... I'm sure I will thank my lucky stars that I have two little girl helpers who want NOTHING MORE IN LIFE than to get a reaction out of Pearl. That is, if the preferred response that they go for is a smile or a laugh.

I have the highest hopes. That's all I have, hope and a healthy dose of fear.


Heather said...

And I keep telling myself I want to have another one. What a wild ride. I wanted on this rollercoaster, so here we go!!!

DadGuy said...

We need to get you out of the house more. Do you realize that the last 7 entries, only 2 really went away from your kids. And one that was iffy.