Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Naughty or Nice

Today I thought I'd (cheat) let you get to know Mr. Dadguy a little better. He e-mailed this wish list to me earlier today, and I think it is very much a slice of what-makes-him-tick. For those of you worried that I might publish personal e-mails of yours, I DO have permission to use this. But worry anyway 'cause ya never know if ya piss me off. I'm just saying.

A couple things I've thought of so far. Not necessarily in any
order. And hopefully within budget for a couple of these.

- Red vs. Blue season 3. (I have a $10 coupon code for the RvB site
if you get this, in my yahoo email. You can probably search it and
find it.)
- Wireless controllers for the xbox. Two would be good in case I
screw something up splicing wires I'll have one as backup. =)
- It would be nice to have some new jeans. And socks. Socks rock.
Come to think of it, (underwear) might be good.
- I'm mildly interested in that Atari classic version 2 or whatever
they have out now. I think it's $30 or something, and you can hack
it to play the original atari cartridges. Not that I would do such a
thing with the real atari around. On second thought skip this, it
would probably not get used enough to be worth it.
- Money for "the pinball machine" is always nice. Not that it'll
happen in the next few years, but hey, it's a nice dream. =)
- Some new pictures (and frames?) of our girls for my desk would be
- Headphones. Good ones that don't suck would be nice. I seem to
have lost the last ones I bought, can't seem to find them.
- Something
- Extremely
- eXceptional is always nice.
- I'm still not sure about an mp3 player. I think we should wait a
bit on this one, but I'm mildly interested in the right kind. I'm
intrigued by the new video iPods, but there's not a big selection of
videos (other than music videos) for them yet.

The big things that I'm interested in but not willing (or able) to
spend the money for right now would include a truck, finishing the
basement, pinball machine, back patio, new computer, maybe an xbox
360 (though I think I'm more interested to see the new nintendo
revolution that's coming out next year)... I'm sure there's more.

Most of this is just a "that would be nice" certainly nothing that
I'm dying for. You know what I'm dying for. =)

Anyhow. Love you.


DadGuy said...

That'll teach me to leave comments on your blog.


blackbird said...

would that K would give me a list like this.
we are left to our own devices here...
and he is getting socks (and other things).
he hates getting anything he NEEDS -
and this year he needs so much.
but does he come up with ideas for presents?
am I ranting a bit?


Karan said...

You've got yourself a toy boy.

The Daring One said...

What a cutie-patutie. I love when they ask for pictures of the kids for Christmas.

biggest sister said...

Hey, last year we looked into headphones, and Roger found a CR best buy that was only $20. They're big, and not sexy, but comfortable and sound great! Ask him what kind they were.