Tuesday, November 01, 2005

me and my uvula

allllrighty then! Here I am with tonsillitis. Again. Apparently the zithromax "Z" pack was only good enough to give me a weeks worth of health before the crud-nasties took back over my body. As nifty as "Z" pack sounds, the new meds sound... well, like they ain't gonna take no poody-doo from no crud-nastie.... I am, as of 1:30pm on OMNICEFFFFFFFFFF (echo, echo echo monster truck rally announcer style).

This morning when I awoke to find that what I had suspected was going on had indeed happened I just sat in the bathroom and cried. The sound was a hoarse gagging sound as this particular brand of tonsillitis seems to focus primarily in my uvula. You heard me, my uvula. What can I say, pregnant women will talk about ANYTHING, no stinkin' modesty whatsoever. Give over already, it's just the hanger down thingy at the back of your throat.

Back to the bawling... IS there anything more pathetic than a woman in her 38th week sitting on the crapper feeling sorry for herself? Probably not. But that was this morning before the prescribing of the omniceferator. Now I am a human who can swallow food as well as drink. CELEBRATION!

Now, however, all of my blogging plans are in the dumper as I fell asleep with Birdie an hour and a half ago. Upon awaking I realize that I am still a sickie despite all the improvements.


g'nite sweet prince (mumbles incoherently as Dadguy tucks her in).


The Daring One said...

sorry you're sick, man. At least it wasn't during the first trimester. Swollen uvula and morning sickness = barf-o-rama.

Heather said...

I have one of my most distinct pregnancy memories of sitting on the toilet bawling because I couldn't summon the gumption to reach around my 39 week pregnant belly to wipe my own bottom. My husband, frantic to help me, actually offered to do it for me, which brought more tears over the indignity of it all. Or maybe they were tears over his sensitive nature!

Hope you feel better!

bon said...

Where do these men come from and how did I score one?

for Joke! said...

To be honest, I have no idea what a uvula is. Or an omniceferator. But it DOES suck that you're sick!

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