Friday, November 11, 2005

Birth and Winter

This morning I looked out my front window and noticed that every last crimson leaf was gone from our maple in the front yard. They all must have blown away while I was at the hospital. I am sad that they are gone, but glad that there is this one thing to mark the birth of my Pearl. Ummm... other than the obvious.

Both of my other girls were born in February, which in Utah is pretty solidly winter. Yet right after each of their births I began looking around with this feeling of "Ok, my baby is here... where the crap is spring now?" So for me to come home and have this bare tree is kind of a relief. Like Mother Nature is acknowledging the entrance of MY baby. Somehow there is a melancholy feeling of rightness with those leaves gone. The cold rain that is falling now accentuates the snugness of all three baby girls of mine tucked in and resting at the beginning of this winter


The Daring One said...

Ah...I miss the seasons. That was a lovely post, ma'am.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

My oldest two were born in feb. They had the same due date exactly five years apart. My oldest born on the 23rd and my middle on the 5th. My last baby was born in June. He kinda sticks out.