Thursday, November 17, 2005


Last night was the official inauguration of lactation in the household of The Mama. Mind you, I have been pulling moo-duty ever since the birth of Pearly-girly, but now "You've Got Mail" has been dusted off and put back into circulation. I don't know what it is about that movie, but it sure makes the milk flow and the time go for those three am feedings. It's the ultimate comfort movie. When LaLa was nursing I added "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," and "Bend it Like Beckham" for a little variety. My mom claims that with at least one of her kids, probably my little Bro, Freakboy, he was always hungry at the same time of night she watched a lot of "Streets of San Francisco." My oldest sister claims to have learned three hymns in Portuguese during the two months she lasted nursing her oldest boy.

A few years back before I had children, during a women's church society meeting, I sat through a lesson by a woman who shared how much she loved to nurse her babies because it gave her a chance to catch up on her reading. She was currently reading a biography of Abraham Lincoln and some really cool gospel related material. I was pretty stoked... wow, a chance to sit on my butt and do all the reading in the world that I wanted to do. Not that my reading selection was likely to be as wholesome as hers, but hey, to each her own. Ahem. This reading thing must be a privilege reserved for competent lactators, or women with small boobs. For me, nursing has been a two handed affair. One arm and/or hand to hold small larval like infant and one hand to hold the boob. Those of you with small or even normal sized breasts may well ask why I need to hold my own breast? So I don't suffocate the poor wee bairn.

Do I get any sympathy in my family? Crap, no! As it turns out I am the only female in my immediate family of mother, two older sisters and one younger who has a rack. And what a rack! Turns out I got most of EVERY BODIES. This would be cool if I were into being stacked, but as a life long tomboy, I was never thrilled with a consonant, or worse... double consonant cup size. I had always assumed I would receive my vindication when it came to functionality. HAH! What I got was mocked by my sister because my boob is so much bigger than my newborns head. What I get is two-handed nursing.

Finally with Pearl I seem to have figured out how to do this thing. The boppy. This is the same boppy that I used with LaLa, but now we seem to have entered into a magical milky land where I can get away with propping her up on said boppy, using one hand to hold said booby... and voila! It as almost as if I am normal.

Now, if I could just concentrate long enough to read a whole page.....ahhh, heck with it. What did I do with that video?


Heather said...

Ahah! So there are benefits to being flat-chested. Go me, with the 30 novels read in Bean's first year of life! Yay for the unendowed. And a sympathetic nod your way, of course!


The Daring One said...

I hear your pain. Being fitted for a nursing bra this time around, I leapt right past the normal cliche double letters. I think the perfect size is 34B. AH, how I miss you.

older sister said...

Ok, I AM really sorry I mocked you, but it really is a phenomenal sight! I didn't really get to read either, teeny boobs notwithstanding, my kids right from the start were distracted by the book, and were always arching around trying to see what it was. Is the boppy you mentioned that wierd pink patched thing I gave you that Kathy gave me that someone made for her?

bon said...

One and the same... only now it is also stained with yellow ochre oil paints that Birdie found in the basement. It's a beaut.

younger sis said...

Can i just say that i would never be unhappy to have a bit of yer rack! I don't suppose we could arrange that? i love you guys!