Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Have you had a good scare? I certainly have today. Remember the freaky population boom on my street? And then the SURPRISE! TWINS! From around the corner? Well, next door neighbor with the twins had her babies last week, across the street will have hers whenever (technically due on Christmas Eve), and remember my other next door neighbor on the other side, due in March?

Yeah. Twins. Boy and a girl. Just found out today.

I'll be honest. This feels a little apocalyptic.

If my friend from two houses down ends up with twins (she's also due in March), I'm gonna maybe fork out the $85 bucks to get an ultrasound down at the mall, just for a little
peace of mind.

I am pregnant, Do not even hint that I am overreacting! Not if you want to live

Have some purdy pitchers.

Birdie in all her Cleopatra glory.

Because I thought the red eyes with the red lips were cool.

A very serious Cheetah Girl.

A punk rocker who flatly refused to wear any costume until given the ultimatum in the church parking lot at the Trunk or Treat: "Costume or no candy." I think she balks at the terminology "be." As in "what are you going to be for Halloween?" Or, "why don't you be a witch?" She doesn't even want to be a big girl, or be my baby or anything other than Pearl. She only wants to be Pearl. Is all supposition on my part.

Boy from two houses down... very proud of mah handiwork here.


Nobody™ said...

I'm thinking you're going to have twin boys. Poor dadguy needs more testosterone in that house.

Fantastagirl said...

Love the art work on the boy from two houses down - you are one amazing woman!

Now immediately, stop drinking the water from the neighborhood, I think all that twin stuff could be catchy! Usually the water causes all that pregnancy stuff anyway...

Meredith said...

Wow, you shoudl totally start working fairs as a face painter - you have somne serious skills!

What is with all the twins on your block? What is going on with the water in your town??? :-) Here is hoping yours is a singleton (and mind too!)

Mama D said...

Wowee! Birdie! Gorgeous. Seriously, stunning. And I love the cheetah girl. What a head of hair on Pearl! What did she decide to 'be' after all?

I am amazed by your face paintin' skilz! Wicked good!

You are not having twins. You're not. Just one, adorable baby boy.

elizasmom said...

Oooh. COunt me among those who think the neighbor kid looks awesome! Nice work!

As for your girls, they are so gorgeous — your serious Cleo, your sweet cheetah, and your awesome little punk rocker. I bet you're right, and I think that confidence and understanding of who she wants to be will serve her well as she faces the usual tweener stuff.

Superwoman said...

I'm sending a positive affirmation your way. . . YOU'RE ONLY HAVING ONE. Now stop taking about twin suprises, you're freaking me out. (chanting mantra to myself) you're only having one, you're only having one, you're only having one. . .

Jo said...

Your costumes are amazing, as is your artwork!