Monday, October 06, 2008

Post On It's Way...

... I promise! I just cannot help but link to this article in the New York Times. The evidence is starting to mount up.


elizasmom said...

IT's an excellent story.
I did weight watchers for a little while last year, and, yes, I dropped the pounds I wanted, but on the whole I found the program unsatisfying (and I've since rebounded to what appear to be my post-baby setpoint). Maybe it was the leader of the group I went to, but it was all about substituting chemicals for sugar and fat, eating faux this and faux that. How is that supposed to lead to a healthier lifestyle? The best results came when I all but went organic/vegan to acquire the calories I needed, and I wish the leader wouldn't have sacrificed nutrition on the altar of thin.

bon said...

Yeah... that attitude of "sacrificing nutrition on the alter of thin" seems to be pretty WW pervasive. When I started doing the WW my doctor at the time expressed deep reservation with the program for exactly this reason, so I tried to opt for health, a much more doable thing when you are the weight I am, and thus have the points to work with that I did.

Which is why I AM still toying with the idea of going back to WW after the baby to lose enough weight to make running even more fun (ahem, I'll admit it... FASTER!). Mind you... I am thinking numbers like a solid 200lbs or 190lbs (that's what I want to weigh... not what I want to drop), poundage approximately 20 pounds over what I was at effortlessly for my late teens and most all of my twenties.

But I also might NOT do that. I might just focus on intuitive eating and let the pounds fall (or rise) where they may. Humorously enough... it all comes down to the running, and what works the best to keep my feet on the pavement.

Mama D said...

I loved this article. I knew there had to be a backlash coming after all the EVERYBODY MUST BE THIN OR DIE garbage that's been going on for some time. Unfortunately the damage that has been done to most peoples way of thinking about health and weight and body image may take much, much longer to repair.