Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wanna Know A Secret?

.... Self pity is boooring, and I have been boring the socks off of m'self lately. Pain kinda does that to me.

It doesn't help that I spend all day every day with three small beings who not only don't understand why mama is being such a loser who won't do jack for them anymore (i.e. hop up and grab them a drink of milk whenever they want one, the second they want one) but she squawks and bawls every time they use her conveniently propped up leg to do chin-ups and cherry drops off of.

It's really tough to remember what the heck that big, funny contraption on her leg was for in the first place apparently. Was it a target? Climbing straps? Fashion? Heck if I can recall, where's my lunch, woman?

Seriously... I am not used to having to take care of myself at the same time as everyone else. All of my needs are either things that I have figured out how to fit in, or just defer. But the whole Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation shtick that goes with a soft tissue knee injury don't fit or defer worth a shmelman. And there was another frakking-crap-melvin emergency at Dadguy's work yet again this weekend; he was stuck at work until after midnight on Friday, and yet again my Saturday disappeared into the dust. We don't really get a Sunday, so this next week blends into last week in an ugly sort of way. A depressing sort of a way, since in addition to it all I apparently get to be the freaky wife who is all "WHAT!? What do you MEAN you have to work for your freaking PAYCHECK while I need you AT HOME!?? Taking care of ME!!??"

Sigh... I know that cannot be fun, and yet there I was Saturday night when Dadguy finally rolled in around 9 pm to witness the "Oh my hell you're finally HOME!" weepy break down of the mama. The breakdown that I don't even know is coming until about a half hour before it starts. The half hour it takes for him to drive home after calling me to tell me he's on his way. The breakdown I usually reserve for when he returns from out of town trips.

None of this was helped by what happened Friday night after I had called Dadguy around 11:00 to tell him that I was calling it quits, and I would be passed out when he got home. He informed me that he would be at least another hour or so, and I started my bedtime routine of double checking all locks, drink of water, prenatal vitamin ad infinitum. It takes me at least a half hour to actually be in bed with the lights out from the time that I announce my intentions get there. So when I was sitting in bed putting my brace back on over my pj's and heard the door knob rattle I was pleasantly surprised that Dadguy had apparently decided to pack it in and come straight home after all, and kept half an ear out for the sound of the key in the lock as I finished with all of the straps and velcro. A sound that never came. So I headed for the front door to see what was keeping him. Did he drop his keys in the dark? Is he out having a midnight chat with our next door neighbors?

But there was no one on the front porch and no car in the drive. Huh. "That must not have been what I heard" I tell myself as I make another round of the entire house double checking all the window locks both upstairs and down. "Naw" I tell myself, "I heard something other than the doorknob." But I wasn't able to go to sleep after all, so I had the dubious pleasure of hearing, an hour and a half later, the sound of the doorknob being tested again, and it was the exact same sound I had heard earlier, only this time it was followed by the sound of a key in the lock and a Dadguy through the door. Creeped out? I know I am.

Hey, have I been promising y'all a belly pic? Check this out... I saw it and laughed my head off at it, no wonder I am already getting double takes and winces. No wonder I barely fit.... anywhere!

Y'all... I have five and a half weeks to go.


bahecky said...

You are gorgeous, Bon! But that belly does remind me of mine with my twinners - and then there is that lady down the street! :)

bon said...

Oooooo! That's naughty to even JOKE about!

elizasmom said...

Eep! Alright, I would be WAY creeped out and contemplating firearms purchases if I had that door-rattling experience.

As for self-pity, duuuude – you have a way-gimpy knee, a big belly, and 3 kiddos — I think you can cut yourself some slack on this one. Besides, you may be thankful for this enforced do-it-yourself-I-can't wake-up call to the kiddos once Junior makes his appearance.

Your belly pic is AWESOME!

bon said...

I was thinking the belly pic was more of the HIGH-freakin'-LARIOUS variety, but I'll gladly take an "awesome."

And funny, but we had actually been thinking about a firearm purchase before this happened. Not that it would have done much good, locked away in a closet, unloaded, down in the basement! The thought behind a rifle or shotgun was more in terms of hunting, politics, and worst-case-scenario home defense. Plus I want the girls to have firearm safety experience. Lookee there, there's a whole new post topic!

Meredith said...

Hey, I think you could complain a lot more than you do! You have every right to that self pity because being pregnant sucks, being pregnant and having to take care of 3 kids, sucks worse, being pregnant and having to take care of 3 kids, and an injury?? I am actually amazed you haven't exploded yet.

You and I look very much alike these days and I have 10 weeks to go!

elizasmom said...

Hah! I always laugh about the weaponry I drive around with — I keep my tsai (little trident dagger-y thingers) and my bo (quarter staff) in my car so I won't forget them for karate, but if I was ever accosted at my car I would have to be all, "Uh, could you hang on a second?" and then spend 5 minutes wiggling my bo out and/or unzipping my tsai case.

As for guns and hunting, if you write it, I think this might be the rare political post where we will see mostly eye-to-eye ...

Superwoman said...

Yep, looks about right, HOORAY for 5 weeks left, whatever happened with the doctor and the inducing thing????

Fantastagirl said...

5 weeks? Wasn't just last week, you announced you were expecting? Time has just flown by. ;-)

You look awesome - love the belly pic!

and I get the "OH my HELL you are FINALLY HOME!" type attitude - I do my own version of that quite well, and I am lucky enough that Mr. I sticks around cause I don't have the excuse of being very pregnant...just very stressed and over-worked.

Mama D said...

You are beautiful!! I love the belly pic! I know it's hard, but enjoy that belly. It's the last one right? I don't think I fully appreciated the belly even though I really, really tried.

I was deathly afraid that Miss A would mess with my ankle 'cast'. She never did. She was very, very careful. Maybe because she was present when I fell, came to the hospital and missed me during the several days I was away. I'm not sure. All her dollies still have 'sore ankles' most of the time. I guess it was a big deal to her.

Sorry the girls are using yours as a jungle gym. And don't worry about not being able to help the girls with every. little. thing. Gosh, why are kids so demanding? It's true, they'll be all used to it by the time sweet baby arrives.

Becky..AMHW said...

I looked at your feet, saw the sandals, and knew you've been here before.

moo said...

you look fantastic!!

these next 5 weeks will go by in a flash!

bon said...

Heh... the sandals. Turns out I cannot actually manage socks between the belly and the knee. Just hoping it doesn't snow much between now and the birth.

And you guys are really NICE!

Sunni said...

love the belly shot. And dude, you're allowed any kind of pity party you feel good enough to put together. Sheesh I whine about much less than 3 kids, a bum knee, and PUPPS...I don't know what PUPPS is, but I'm sure I'd be complaining about that too. Hang in there buddy!