Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Short, With Bullets

*So yesterday was the first day since my trip down the stairs that I had any hope that perhaps I haven't done something permanent to my knee. Oh, and for all of you purists, if I did do something? The damage was probably to my MCL, that's the ligament on the inside of my knee. I will be surprised if I end up having to have surgery. Hopefully I can get myself rehabbed by the time I would be wanting to start running anyway! Is all speculation on my part... but I am feeling far more hopeful about it all. I will know more on Monday.

*Only now I realize that it's time to pack my bag for the hospital, for just-in-casies. And find a bed for the guest room. And hang a vanity light and mirror in the basement, and scrub the bathrooms (hasn't been done since the week before I fell.... EW!), and plan what the heck to do with the kids if I go early, and and and and and and..............!

*Pearl's birthday is the 9th, and there is the small matter of a cake; a point of pride for me that I be the one to make it. It may be a little less spectacular this year.

*As far as the induction goes? Yeah, I talked to the original doctor... it will be on Dec 3rd, or the 2nd if I am lucky and they can fit me in on their "surgery" day. I am annoyed but resigned, and at least gratified that the original doc had the grace to call me back himself and apologise.


looney said...

Hi! I used to read and comment, then you left, and I stopped blogging too, then you came back, me too, and we're both pregnant! Yay! But I'm not due till the end of March. Anyway, Yay!

Superwoman said...

I had the oh, I guess I better get ready for a baby epifany the other day too. I feel much more prepared now. Pearl will understand about the cake, perhaps not this year but in the future for sure. Well, sorry about the changed date but on the bright side we can probably visit each other in the hospital now right? If we're bored we know there will be someone down the hall we can chat with!

Anonymous said...

I hope your knee feels better soon. That's gotta suck. And look at you, all nesty! Can't wait to see the new little one.

Mama D said...

I'm glad it's looking like you won't need surgery. As I said it's not too bad if you do but better if you don't have to.

Please, please do not do all of that work yourself! Surely you must know some wonderful people from your church who are not about to give birth that could scrub your bathrooms.

The cake will be amazing anyway. I know you. It just will.

Dec 2nd or 3rd sounds like perfect days to have a baby!