Monday, October 06, 2008

Baby Drama

Ain't life interesting?

So after a few misses, I settled on an OB who has a practice in the town that I live. (He also has offices in two other towns). A five minute drive as opposed to the full 1/2 hour both ways commute to the doctors was a pretty big incentive, plus he has a good rep and takes notes on his laptop... whatever, I just want to get through this last baby and be done with the whole gestational, L& D, episiotomy blah blah blah. After four kids I am so done with being freaky or picky about too much. Just make sure I have a bed, an epidural and a few expensive machines that go "ping" and I am good.

Still... it seems a bit of a dirty trick to hook his practice up with some random other OB's practice from the town just north of here. And yet, in my 31st weeks visit... SURPRISE! NEW! DOCTOR!

Apparently I will be visiting with each of them every other visit, and this development would be no great shakes... I am easy. After all, I am the girl who let some random class of doctor student people come in and watch during the delivery of one of my kids. Cannot quite recall
which kid. Only that the nurse asked about one minute after my epidural kicked in, if the class could come and observe. Dude, I was high on the euphoria of "Holy crap... felling nothing feels GOOOOOD!" So I said yes, and they quietly ushered the class in while I was pushing... so actually, I never saw the students. It's almost as if they weren't there. Only I know they were.

ANYWAYS... the issue I have is that the visit before this visit on Friday with Dr. New, I had begun my campaign for early induction. Dr. Old had actually agreed on a date, assuming my cervix was cooperative. And as my cervix is usually VERY cooperative, I took it as a given that we were a go for Nov 30th. So I told my mom. Who decided to come out for Thanksgiving and then stay for the baby.


According to Dr. New, the New policy is to do inductions at the hospital that I plan on delivering at (insurance, good hospital, delivered the other three there...) on Wednesdays. Which puts me going in on December 3rd. A full week after my mom arrives to celebrate Thanksgiving.

And by the by Mom... this is not a bid to get you to not come for Thanksgiving OR extend your stay up here unreasonably long.
This is about me going from ranting and raving and stomping my feet about the INJUSTICE of it all... to realizing that it is what it is. Perhaps the kid will decide to show up on Thanksgiving Day, and really play hoopty with the whole arrangement. All facts that I know in my head, but it took a few days to get down to my grumpy, pregnant heart. Who knows. Maybe this is about giving my congregations women auxiliary a chance to do their thing. Who knows? Certainly not me, but I feel much better. I will be taken care of no matter what.

Mind you... I still intend to make Dr. Old tell me that he will not be doing the Nov 30th induction right to my face, because I roll like that. Not lettin' anyone off the hook with out the confession.

On a completely separate note, LaLa has really been enjoying her new found phone skills and is much faster than I am at running to answer a ring. Today she picked up a call that evidently had no one on the other end. She handed the receiver to me and said
"dayuhs no on on da phone. I guess dey must dist be pwactising."


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the switch up- good moms are good to have around with new babies. I hope everything works out.

moo said...

gah! I'm angry for you!! I hope Dr. Old says, "oh ho ho! That Dr. New! What a card!" and lets you do what you WANTED to do!

Anonymous said...

Horrid! My little one was suppose to be born on Thansgiving last year...and came Oct maybe there is still hope??!!?!?


elizasmom said...

More Lala quotes, please!

And, I hope along with everyone else that you can finagle an induction when you want it. Maybe old Doctor has more pull?

Jo said...

Gotta love someone who is familiar with Monty Python and PING! Sorry for the change up, really, they should know better. Pg women don't take kindly to that type of thing, and riled up, they get orney.

bon said...

I am VERY gratified that y'all can see from whence my tantrum cameth, sometimes it's hard to gauge how unreasonable I am being when I am pregs.

Glad to that my tantrum has now goneth too! Esp because it's likely that there is not a darn thing to be done about it.

Mama D said...

Well, I can bet that my midwife would suggest you start drinking at least four cups of organic raspberry leaf tea a day and taking 3 evening primrose oil tablets and inserting one (ahem) vaginally (to soften the cervix) before bed. I did this with both girls and A was a day early and B was a day late. Perhaps a coincidence but perhaps not. In any case, the stuff is easy to do and not unpleasant so I think it's worth a try.

Lala. Love that girl.