Wednesday, March 21, 2007

View From the Bottom

Have hit all time low. But from down here, I have picked up a few fun facts to share...

1. Even Mormons get to take a swing at "drunk blogging" of a sort. It's called "Nyquil Blogging" and I'm comin' atcha live bay-bay! Wheee!

2. When your sense of smell has been knocked out by a random flu bug, and your temp is ranging around 102... you cannot smell the puke that your three year old left on the living room carpet, so clean up is a breeze. At least you THINK so, as you are left with only a hazy recollection of the particulars.

3. Five year olds sporting visible symptoms of Scarlet Fever, and dark circles under their eyes earns you the comfy couch in the oh-so-stylish doctors waiting room.

4. Sick babies and three year olds are extra cuddly, thereby screening your face from view of others in that stylish waiting room. This is good because you are crying tears of exhaustion, frustration and a little dose of shame.

5. Only family can tolerate the blow by blow health crap and self pity that I have put my bloggity friends and family through. Congratulations, if you have read this and are not an actual blood relative? You are now family. Consider yerself an official member of Chaos.

And for those of y'all out there who are true diehards? Here's how it all fell out, according to our best information, supposition and doctor's opinion.

Bon- Really, really sick... with lots of sicknesses. A new inhaler and new drugs. Wheee.

Birdie- Strep throat and scarlet fever (an occasional side show in the Strep Throat Shuffle)

LaLa- Had stomach flu... may get strep. May also have cold. Is merely sickish now.

Pearl- Same old party, bronchialitis clean-up... has a new tooth.

Dadguy- Came down with cold from stress of playing nursemaid to all, and dealing with wretch of a wife.

Am hoping that the darkness of the past few days will lighten up and fade as health improves. Am desperately hoping health improves... SOON. Am thinking about deleting this self-pitying slop of a post...


Nobody™ said...

Wow, you guys really are sick. I thought I told you to get better? Why won't you listen to me?

Fantastagirl said...

Get Better already! Okay?

Soooo are you sick of being sick yet?


Blogarita said...

This sickness stuff is entirely unacceptable.

Get well! All of you! And do it now!!

sari said...

I hope you're all feeling better soon. It sucks when the entire family is sick.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

you need a wife.

I don't think you need to beat yourself up - just because you are sick does not mean you are bad.

So get better. Stat!

Keep this post as a reminder of how lousy it is to be sick. In case you forget...huh huh...huh...

sarah k. said...

Is there anything I could say that would make you feel better? If not physically, then at least mentally? Your poor family. At least your kids won't remember it.

Do you have lots of movies and jello? You can make a nest in front of the tv with everything you might need, then whoever is tired can just fall asleep. Movies are especially good babysitters when kids are sick and not very energetic.

Shelli said...

Been there, done that. Most recently yesterday. I am feeling better, I hope you are, too.

Mama D said...

Yuck. I'd come over there and take care of ya'll if I wasn't so darn far away. Because after all, I am family. And that's what family does. I hope all the new drugs and stuff gets all of you back in tip top health pronto.

Mama D Chaos

elizasmom said...

Uh, I think a little dose of self-pity is well-earned after the Festival o'Germs y'all have been through. I am so sorry you all keep getting smacked down with illness after illness. I send hugs and get-well vibes your way!

Amber said...

Sounds absolutely miserable. Sorry chicka! Get well so we can play when I'm up there in less than a month!

Lynanne said...

May the sunshine peek out from behind the clouds very soon now!

Blog about this all you want. Your "family" wants to read ALL of it. Since when has motherhood been all about roses and warm fuzzy bunnies? I could just vomit on the blogs that make being a mom sound all warm and fuzzy. Ooops...did I just say the v-word? Bad, bad, bad word choice!

Take care and get well soon!!!

JD said...

oh baby!!I am the worst sick person. You pull it off pretty well. I would have added at least some colorful language in my post about being sick. I am sending messages to the universe to stop picking on you and your cute family.