Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Pic: The Teen Years

Here they are... now please keep in mind:

  • These pictures span 1985-1987ish
  • Small town girl
  • My parents were in charge of the camera
  • I was camera shy to boot
  • They were not interested in preserving documentation of my crazee-ness
  • I think they hoped it would just go away
  • I didn't get very naughty till I moved out
  • I didn't own a camera when I moved out
Sixteen, part of a glamour series taken by my sister "S" (that's "S" for "Supergirl"). My hair was cut in an asymmetrical cut.. very big deal in a small town back in the day. Plus I habitually let my very long bangs hang over one eye, kinda pre-Emo-ish.

Seventeen years old. Like the skirt? This is an actual for-factual flour sack purchased from an import store on Central in downtown Albq. My best friend also made herself one... we were sooooooo cool! Yes, that IS a bolo tie, with a beret which was given me by my uber-cool-college-punk-rock-first-boyfriend.. Notice on my ankle? That is a black suede cat collar with pearl studs. Sorry... it's a bad scan of a color copy.

Fall of my first year at UNM. That is an Ankh I am wearing around my neck and I appear to be rocking the Flock o' Seagulls hair, although if you had said as much to me? I likely would have spit on your shoe.


elizasmom said...

Aaaaaaah! The asymmetrical haircut! I had one of those. For, like a week. Then I went to visit my cousin overseas and went to her very chic hairdresser there and he said, here, let me fix that, and hacked off the long part.

I actually think the flour-sack skirt is pretty inventive and cute. Of course, I speak as one who once sewed a pair of men's suit pants into a skirt...

Anyway. These are awesome, thanks for posting!

Nobody™ said...

So where's the ear-nose chain?

bon said...

To my knowledge there is zero pictorial evidence of any such thing.

Can I get some family to weigh in with some back up... cuz we are going to have to rely on the scar tissue and some anecdotes.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

You are braver than I.

I will NOT be posting the photos of my mullet at 11 years old.

I will NOT be posting the photos of my short jeri curl, poodle perm hair at age 14. I hated that perm and my mom made me get it. HATED it.

Mama D said...

You look even cooler than I imagined you would. Thanks so much for posting these.

Becky - I had that perm too. I was also forced into it by my mom. Who coincidently makes ME give her the same perm now.

sarah k. said...

There was a time when I wanted the "Cyndi Lauper" with one side shaved. In retrospect, it's probably a good thing I didn't ever get there. I never even had a perm. Way too nerdy-shy-not-popular. I do remember wearing one long dangly earring in one ear, and a stud in the other. My favorite thing is the poofy pants and big belt. Is there anyone else out there that just can't do the big belt again?

Nancy said...

I LOVE these pictures. Particularly the flour sack skirt one.

Meredith said...

Oh the 80s! I too sported the asymmetrical haircut and when a few people said I looked like Molly Ringwald I smiled inside.

Thanks for sharing the cool pics! The flour skirt?? Ha! Love it! I once bought a black dress at a vintage store and paired it with black lacy nylons and thought I looked so cool until my mom said I looked like when her grandmother came over on the boat from the old country.

Shelli said...

The first picture I think is very beautiful. It's hard to see the rest, but I was reminded of Boy George and The Culture Club. We were of around the same era, I think.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

ha ha ha! I can't believe you found these!

Dude - do you KNOW how much I loved your hair, way back when? Do you KNOW how good you looked in that eyeliner? You taught me everything I know about eye makeup, woman!

I remember the skirts - yes, we were the most coolest chicks ever, as I recall. EVAR.