Thursday, March 22, 2007

Too Tired To Title This

I am so, so, so sorry. I really have tried to stay away from the computer. I promised myself that the bloggy wouldn't hear from me until I had an "all clear" to announce. I swore that the next post would be cheery.

It is giggly in a demented sort of an off-kilter way, I mean.... how many different hits of contagious, vile, painful but not terribly serious illnesses can one family of five take?


So we awoke this morning to LaLa's little body starting to heat back up again. I will spare everyone the drama with the doctor's office, and sum it up with the following....

As soon as I can get healthy enough, I am finding us a new pediatrician. Love my doctor, love the nurses, love the PA's.... hatehatehaterage and despise the new office staff and new "rules" and new focus of the office. Did I mention that the "clinic" now offers "aesthetic" medical treatments. I crap you not... laser resurfacing, cellulite treatments and laser hair removal. A half hour drive there and then another half hour back is not great either, especially considering their new "clinic policies."

Where was I? Oh, yeah. LaLa. She has an ear infection. And probably strep. And whatever the heck else, who cares? So after yet another trip to the doctor's office today, they gave me a script for her. Antibiotics. Wheee.

pee.ess. Have closed the comments because, really.... what else is there to be said? Go make something and put it in a jar.

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